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Our Mission
myCarStats has two goals ... 1) to save consumer's money and 2) ensure the safety of their vehicle. 

To accomplish this, the myCarStats team has created an exclusive process which provides vehicle owners with detailed information regarding their vehicle's current and on going mechanical and safety Issues. 

This process  makes available tools that will allow them to effectively communicate and negotiate with auto mechanics and dealership service managers, and to give car owners a feeling of security about the safety of their vehicle. 

Our Journey
The founder of myCarStats, Ronnie Kaufman was frustrated after a bad experience with a dealership service manager and with one of their  mechanics. Not wanting to experience these frustrations again, and believing that many consumers have also felt these same frustrations, he headed up a research and development team to create a process to make future encounters with dealerships more productive.

myCarStats is today a leading source of consumer information on vehicle safety and reliability and the first place millions of owners can go when they want accurate, current information regarding the mechanical and safety Issues of their vehicles. It is backed by data supplied by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and provides current statistics and detailed reports on vehicles manufactured over the past 30+ years.     

Consumers can now make more informed purchase decisions about a new and especially used vehicles, and save dollars by knowing what repairs may remain under warranty before their warranty expires.

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