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  ACURA Owner Reviews and Ratings

Below are the car reviews and ratings from other owners of ACURA cars.
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 Reviews found: 519  Average Owner Car Rating: 3.74
Make Model Year Owner Name City State Date Added Car Rating Reviews and Complaints
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Acura  3.0CL   1999  Douglas S. BEAUFORT, SC  08/28/09  4.00 I bought this car, as the second owner, in 2002 with 98k on her, and she has 189k at the moment. The only major mechanical issue I had was when I had the tranny rebuilt ($1300) at 175k, everything else has been normal maintenance to date. She still rides, handles, accelerates, blows cold A/C, etc. just like she did in `02, even after the rear end job. . . The real reason I love this car is for the safety factor. My wife was on her way home, with two of my younger kids SEAT BELTED in the back seat, and she was rear ended by a 2002 Ford Ranger going 45 mph. To make a long story short, the only comments she heard at the accident scene from the surrounding police officers, fire fighters, and other pedestrians was; "OMG, the kids are not even scratched, and the car looks like it has not even been hit by another vehicle going 45! I need to go out and get an Acura today!" That is what she consistently heard as the accident scene was being cleared up. So you tell me, can you really score this car any lower than a 4 based on those facts, and comments? If you have real mechanical issues with this car, well, I blame that on individual driving preferences. No car, not even a Lexus, driven like it was stolen day in, and day out will last. I truly feel that if I had bought this car new, the tranny would still be the original. . . Anyway, I'll post another comment at 350k LOL!  
Acura  3.0CL   1999  Romeo P. CYPRESS, CA  05/01/06  2.00 Transmission not reliable after 100k miles.  
Acura  3.2CL   2003  Charlie S. HADDONFIELD, NJ  04/30/08  5.00 No problems to report. 
Acura  3.2CL   2003  Kem R. , AE  07/23/06  5.00 I wish I still had it 
Acura  3.2CL   2003  Joseph M. ASHEVILLE, NC  08/13/05  1.00 Fine Car but transmission is a dangerous problem 
Acura  3.2CL   2001  Patrice M. WEST PALM BEACH, FL  08/29/09  4.00 The back "pouch" on the front seats have come off numerous times for no apparent reason. 
Acura  3.2CL   2001  Stuart I. PALMDALE, CA  03/05/09  n/a I purchased new, a 2001 Acura CLS, and gave it to my mother, about year later in 2002. At only 39,620 miles the transmission started to severely slip, and required towing to the Acura Dealership, where, at a cost of $5,076.66, required replacing the complete transmission and ECU. The dealer service department associate could explain specifically what caused this damage. 
Acura  3.2CL   2001  Joseph T. NEW YORK, NY  10/27/08  5.00 Weak engine mounts - replaced twice within 60K miles. 
Acura  3.2CL   2001  Debra R. MAITLAND, FL  06/11/08  3.00 Overall very happy with the car. However over the years I made comments to the service personnel regarding the uneven shifting of which they said it was just rough in that year model. Now find out a recall notice was in effect of which they never discussed and now am having transmission issues. 
Acura  3.2CL   2001  Thomas M. BOCA RATON, FL  05/03/08  3.00 good 
Acura  3.2CL   2001  Barry B. CHICAGO, IL  03/06/06  4.00 transmission problems, acura replaced under safety recall 
Acura  3.2CL   2001  P L. DALLAS, TX  05/31/05  4.00 Big problem with the low profile tires - also problems with transmission 
Acura  3.2TL   2005  Gary V. VIENNA, VA  04/23/07  5.00 Great car 
Acura  3.2TL   2004  Robert V. KENDALL PARK, NJ  04/16/09  4.00 Seems that there may be a problem with the life expectency of the battery. Have had to replace battery twice in 5 years. 
Acura  3.2TL   2004  Dennis K. PASCO, WA  06/11/08  5.00 car is excellent in every regard. Without doubt the best I have owned in my life 
Acura  3.2TL   2003  Michael F. OAKDALE, NY  10/29/08  4.00 transmission failure 
Acura  3.2TL   2003  Thomas P. WAPPINGERS FALLS, NY  10/02/08  3.00 On 3rd transmission 
Acura  3.2TL   2003  Robert R. ROCHESTER, MN  05/02/08  n/a Heard about bad transmission in this car 
Acura  3.2TL   2003  Jason F. ,   04/20/08  4.00 Great car, except my Trani is bad already at 58,000 miles. 
Acura  3.2TL   2003  Clarke C. PINEHURST, NC  04/18/08  2.00 Transmission failed after 80K 
Acura  3.2TL   2003  Kerschbaum M. HUDSON, WI  10/29/06  3.00 I like the car, however there often seems to be some light going on, signifying a problem. A month ago, the SRS light came on and my service dept. identified an issue with the component which controls the driver/passenger air bags. Since a 2003, I thought it was odd that the component was already faulty. Our original battery also died last week and we had to have the car towed to the service dept. Seems after only 3 years, the battery shouldn't have failed. Anyhow, it's a great car, but I worry about the parts failing.  
Acura  3.2TL   2003  Dre E. PISCATAWAY, NJ  10/28/06  3.00 Just recently purchased. Wife drives it mostly. Will let you know of any complaints within 6 months. 6 month update. Car shakes when I slow down and stop. Very annoying! Also the tires maybe its only mine have very little to no real grip. I spin out everywhere before it "bites" into the road. And I am not doing jack rabbit starts either. Also started to leak after I replaced windshield. Will take that up with the glass replacer however.  
Acura  3.2TL   2003  DAVE W. OXFORD, FL  04/25/06  3.00 Overall this car handles extremely well which would qualify it for a rating of 4 but mechanical issues take the "J" out of JOY and reduce the rating to 3. Transmission was replaced at 27,000 mi under warranty. Brake rotor vibration addressed under warranty at 35,000 mi. Remote audio controls on steering wheel replaced under warranty at 40,000 mi. Interior fan for heater/air conditioner failed at 65,000 miles and replaced. VSA Module failed at 75,000 mi and replaced for $1400. Radio/CD changer failed at 90,000 and was repaired for $500. Note that a new radio replacement via Acura costs $1,000. Side and front motor mounts were replaced at 65,000 and 90,000 mi respectively. Air mixing valve for heater/AC is functional but not performing at 100 percent since 55,000 mi. Replacement cost for this valve would be $400. Car originally purchased NEW in Valley Stream, NY. POSTED 11/15/2010 
Acura  3.2TL   2003  Bob M. FEDERAL WAY, WA  12/22/05  4.00 Brakes pulsate. Vinyl trim on seats is failing 
Acura  3.2TL   2002  Frank  L. ,   07/24/08  1.00 Transmission is poor design and unreliable (many owner complaints) 
Acura  3.2TL   2002  A J. ,   05/11/08  1.00 i had transimission issue on acura 3.2tl ...acura fix all the recall on my car,,, but still having transmission issue...slipping between gear 2 and 3rd.  
Acura  3.2TL   2002  Joel S. PIKESVILLE, MD  05/07/08  4.00 none 
Acura  3.2TL   2001  C H. PALM BAY, FL  10/04/06  1.00 Would have been a great car if not for the transmission problems (currently on my 4th transmission); the warping brake rotors syndrome; expensive headlight bulbs that you must pay someone to replace; the high octane only gas requirement with the high gas prices; the hand-rests that comes apart on its own with normal use; and most of all, the dealership's service department (Acura of South Florida) who refused to acknowledge the transmission problems until after the Lemon Law period in Florida had expired all while they knew it was defective along with the related lies they told customers. 
Acura  3.2TL   2000  Sugato S. BROOKLYN, NY  05/09/09  3.00 High maintenance cost. 
Acura  3.2TL   2000  Larry T. ,   08/18/07  1.00 Started having trans problems after extended warranty ran out. Honda Canada would not cover anything. Estimated trans replacement was going to be $4000.00. Approx mileage 125,000 mi. Traded for new domestic (Taurus). This well known problem should have been a recall rather than extending warranty. 
Acura  3.2TL   2000  Anthony B. BERNARDSVILLE, NJ  11/15/06  3.00 The past two summers when temperature is high, I loose first the AM stations and soon afterwards the FM stations on my car radio. The problem does not occur when temperatures are cool and mild. Service dealer informs me the problem is due to atmospheric activity. I think I'm being given the "old brush-off".  
Acura  3.2TL   2000  M W. SPOKANE, WA  07/03/06  5.00 bought new, great car 
Acura  3.2TL   1999  Rick E. LAWRENCEVILLE, GA  10/08/08  2.00 window regulators break and let window drop with no warning 
Acura  3.2TL   1998  Rob B. VIRGINIA BEACH, VA  09/08/08  1.00 Security System Sounds for No Reason--makes car useless 
Acura  3.2TL   1997  Ammad S. ,   10/30/08  4.00 Some inherent problems but otherwsie great 
Acura  3.5RL   2000  William T. MIDLAND, TX  05/22/10  4.00 I've owned this car since 2003, bought it used. It's been an excellent car with the exception of a failed window regulator which was covered under warranty. It now has 102000 miles on it and is still running great with the recomended maintainence done. 
Acura  CL   2003  Tom B. ,   11/11/09  4.00 Problems with the HID lights and the inverter 
Acura  CL   2003  Kimberly T. BLOUNTVILLE, TN  06/25/09  1.00 Run! Do not walk away from this vehicle. Bad headlights and transmission. No support from Acura Client services 
Acura  CL   2003  Keith S. EVANSVILLE, IN  06/08/09  4.00 good car, still in love with vehicle 
Acura  CL   2003  Daniel S. FITCHBURG, MA  05/23/09  3.00 I would love this car twice as much as I already do if the transmission didn't start making loud whining sound at only 50k. Also, owning this car since new, for over six years,the body integrity is weak and dents come often. 
Acura  CL   2003  Bob B. PERRY, GA  06/03/04  4.00 Following recall for transmission, my daughter had transmission failure in Lexington, KY in July 2006. It failed again a week later just as she reached home in Perry, GA and was again replaced after being towed to Macon. Airbag warning light had to be reset under warantee. Malfunction was believed to be caused by use of cell phone or aftermarket satelite radio. It is on again and repair shop was initially unable to fix it under extended warantee but I have to take it back to have it fixed by a "specialist". I am large and find the car uncomfortable on long trips. My daughter loves it so I have kept it for her use when home from college. 
Acura  CL   2001  Richard  D. UNIONTOWN, PA  12/27/10  3.00 terrible transmission 
Acura  CL   2001  George A. BRONX, NY  04/30/10  1.00 2001 cls tranny recall, engine failure, #5 piston blew up 
Acura  CL   2001  Barbara S. SAN ANTONIO, TX  05/18/09  5.00 Transmission is clunky. 
Acura  CL   2001  Kurt P. CANTON, MA  04/03/09  3.00 Good car overall but the transmission reliability is poor not what you would expect from Honda/Acura 
Acura  CL   2001  Q W. HIGH POINT, NC  12/23/08  4.00 na 
Acura  CL   2001  Brendon G. NORTH WINDHAM, CT  12/01/08  2.00 Transmissions are awful - on my third- first covered under warranty at 70k miles, then put in a used one with the hope of selling it, that blew, now having one installed again by Acura for $2,700. They know the problems with these trannys, but offer absolutely NO assistance after the first replace tranny blew after 60k miles. 
Acura  CL   1999  Terry M. FORT PIERCE, FL  05/02/08  3.00 Existing trouble on idle speed 
Acura  CL   1998  CURTIS N. PADUCAH, KY  04/02/09  5.00 very reliable vehicle very low cost of ownership. i have 140,000 miles car runs like new, no rattles. 
acura  CL   1997  John W. MINNEAPOLIS, MN  08/01/11  5.00 Following Acura Recommended Service will keep this car running wonderfully for well over 200,000 miles. Mine has 230,000 and going strong 
Acura  CL   1997  Al J. VICKSBURG, MS  05/06/09  4.00 Generally very satisfied. However, 232K and EGR problems again (3rd time)  
Acura  CL   1997  Frank R. SANDY, TX  04/16/09  3.00 engine light constantly on 
Acura  CL   1997  Mark  C. RALEIGH, NC  02/11/09  5.00 Great car but the driver seat will now only go forward. Trying to get it go to backwards takes lots of pushing the switch and hoping. I had the switch changed but that did not help. 
Acura  Integra   2001  Jaime G. ,   02/12/07  4.00 Great car, no problems. 
Acura  Integra   1999  Robert A. SEMINOLE, FL  11/03/09  4.00 A great car despite a few flaws. It handles well and has power where it needs it, but the interior is plain and it doesnt have the trim qualities you would expect from an Acura. The biggest issue I have had and know of others having is the paint on their side view mirrors flaked off in what seems like poor paint adhesion from the factory. Also at 10 years old the rest of my car's paint is fading away, but you cant expect much more from a stock paint job. As I said before, despite these minor issues it is an awesome car and I dont see myself trading it in for anything else. 
Acura  Integra   1998  A W. NEW YORK, NY  03/27/09  5.00 bit rough of a ride, but very for a 10 years old car 
Acura  Integra   1998  Debra S. JUPITER, FL  09/25/08  4.00 love the car. 
Acura  Integra   1998  Betsy H. CORALVILLE, IA  09/21/08  5.00 I have owned my '98 Integra since '02. I love it and hope to keep it for years. Unfortunately, it is red, and that color does not hold up well, so I intend to have it repainted to last me another 5 years or so. 
Acura  Integra   1997  Eric J. LAFAYETTE, LA  10/29/08  5.00 Excellent car. 10 years and a 100000 thouisand miles and the only thing I've had to replace are the tires, battery and brakes. Starts every time. Now having a little water leak in the trunk. 
Acura  Integra   1996  Reggie R. NASHVILLE, AR  03/09/10  4.00 very powerful and durable engine. well put together car 
acura  integra   1995  Chon B. MIDDLETOWN, NJ  06/27/12  3.00 love it 
Acura  Integra   1995  Megan Q. NEWARK, OH  06/07/09  4.00 I recently bought this car with 208,000 miles on it with the faint hope that it was actually reliable and to my surprise it has been. Besides the usual maintaince and I replaced the timing belt because, I wasn't sure if the own before me had done it yet. It has never broken down or ever shown signs that it was about to. I used to own a 2002 Honda Cr-v and honestly my Acura runs better and is better on gas than my Honda ever was. Yay Acura! 
Acura  Integra   1995  MARTIN  R. WYNNEWOOD, OK  09/29/08  2.00 i love my car that i got for 800 
Acura  Integra   1995  William D. ,   09/28/08  5.00 nice car. 
acura  integra   1994  Bob H. SAINT LOUIS, MO  09/13/11  5.00 372,383 miles and still has original engine,trans., starter,alternator,and on second clutch. 
Acura  Integra   1994  REBECCA K. BUCKHANNON, WV  08/14/09  2.00 Too many leaks ... trunk, right passenger floor ... ughhhhh!!! 
acura  integra   1993  Dm A. BRONX, NY  09/08/11  2.00 Bad design for front cowl. What kinda idiot places an air intake right below a drain area/water passageway? That's asking for trouble...and sure enough, every darn integra suffers from it. 
acura  integra   1991  David  B. APPLE VALLEY, CA  01/18/12  3.00 reliable after 200,000 mls except for electrical/starting probs when car or weather is hot 
Acura  Integra   1991  Rick S. DENVER, CO  05/18/08  5.00 Just bought this car used about 4 months ago and I am very happy so far. Have dealt with some issues but I still working out what are design flaws and what may be the result of owner neglect. 
Acura  Integra   1990  Turbo B. HUNTSVILLE, AL  07/25/08  5.00 Very reliable. Very serviceable. Great gas mileage. Can be hot-rodded with ease. 
Acura  Legend   1995  Robert L. ,   08/05/08  0.00 not bad, gauges kinda screwed up on me..... 
Acura  Legend   1992  John C. LAKE MILLS, WI  05/16/08  3.00 mileage in the very low 20's, harsh shifting, nice otherwise. 
Acura  Legend   1990  Alan C. SAN FRANCISCO, CA  05/31/08  5.00 168k miles and still going. ABS modulator failed at 160k. $5k to replace repair - I think not. Everything else is fine. 
acura  mdx   2011  Gary G. WINONA, MN  02/25/12  5.00 This is my 2nd MDX and they both are enjoyable and have been trouble free. 
acura  mdx   2011  Mark A. ,   01/31/12  4.00 Excellent handling, spacious interior and comfortable ride. 
acura  mdx   2011  Russell S. PAINTED POST, NY  01/17/12  4.00 This is a very good car but the one complaint I have is the tire/road noise transmitted through the body. it may be the tires,HL 400 OE. time will tell after these are replaced. 
acura  mdx   2011  Diane C. PRINCEVILLE, HI  11/18/11  5.00 I have only had my new MDX for a month, but have experienced no problems and love every aspect of this vehicle. It drives smoothly and powerfully, and the amenities are luxurious and well appointed. 
acura  mdx   2011  P B. GREENWICH, CT  08/03/11  2.00 At three days old, the A/C compressor failed. This was apparently due to a short circuit in one of two places. A control board and another electronic piece were replaced. Not impressive. 
Acura  MDX   2011  Ivan C. CHICAGO, IL  04/30/11  3.00 2011 MDX  
acura  mdx   2009  Harvey B. ,   04/09/12  4.00 no problems in the first 2.5 years 
Acura  MDX   2009  Sridhar J. NAPERVILLE, IL  11/25/09  1.00 2009 MDX with less than 4000miles developed an issue with timing belt, Pulleys and Front part of engine. 
acura  mdx   2008  Patricia N. PARSIPPANY, NJ  10/27/12  1.00 your comments here I feel the front tires shaking when drive. 
acura  mdx   2008  Cylvette R. CAGUAS, PR  04/17/12  3.00 Not happy with the warranty department 
acura  mdx   2008  Daryl B. EAST ROCHESTER, NY  10/17/11  4.00 The car has been very good although I'm here now because there is definitely an electrical problem that the dealer has promised to find  
Acura  MDX   2008  Kevin V. VIENNA, VA  11/16/10  5.00 no complaint 
Acura  MDX   2008  Derrick H. RONKS, PA  03/26/10  4.00 love the car, but beginning to see a few issues 
Acura  MDX   2008  Gaudet G. PRAIRIEVILLE, LA  01/25/10  4.00
Acura  MDX   2008  Jack S. AUSTIN, TX  01/24/10  4.00 great for many things only complaints are low beams seem way to low,dont cover as well ahead as my other vehicles, the suspension even after fxing seems off especially when going over small bumps--dealer excellent in trying to find problem--but still sporadic event, can't use an onoing tripmeter with tenths of mile on it, BIGGEST OMPLAINT: the Navigation System outdated when we got it, outdated three years later and there is no NO urgency on part of Honda/Acura to improve info. Even in one major city in our state the nav info states "unknown road" for a public road in place for over a hundred years. I spoke with the source company and their rep told me their clients specifically honda did not seem concerned with keeping updated. I feel we were taken by believing this overpriced (worth about250) cost over 2400 inadequated (how's that for being polite) equipment should not be sold with the statement that it is updated yearly. Only bits and pieces are. It is a prime reason not to get another Acura . Other than that the car is more than adequate; not quite clear if it is worth the very high premium cost however. 
Acura  MDX   2008  Oscar R. RICHMOND, VA  12/17/09  4.00
Acura  MDX   2008  Michael P. POWAY, CA  12/13/09  4.00 side view mirror actuators needed replacing. intermittent rattle in the headliner console. 
Acura  MDX   2008  Cheryl D. HAMMOND, LA  09/15/09  1.00 I have had to return this vehicle to the dealership for service numerous times because every time it rains, water enters the vehicle and stands on the passenger side floor. The dealership has failed to rectify the situation. So, my new car now smells like mildew and continues to leak. This, combined with all the additional problems with the vehicle (those everyone else seems to be experiencing, lights going on & off, noise in front suspension, doors and gas cover misaligned, etc.), will prevent me from ever buying another Acura.  
Acura  MDX   2008  Bryant  S. PLATTSBURGH, NY  07/11/09  4.00 too many rattles and issues 
Acura  MDX   2008  David T. ENCINITAS, CA  04/16/09  3.00 Clunking sound in rear end...VERY annoying 
Acura  MDX   2008  Maxym Z. BUFFALO GROVE, IL  01/18/09  4.00 Gas door alignment is off. Design issue. 
Acura  MDX   2008  First L. DELRAY BEACH, FL  01/07/09  n/a New 2008 Base, radio lights are very dim sometimes when starting the car.  
Acura  MDX   2008  Clark C. CINCINNATI, OH  12/14/08  4.00 Only have 700 miles on the vehicle and am having trouble with clicking in front suspension. Dealer has indicated that there was a service bulletin issued and that the issue will be fixed. have not got in as of yet. Will let you know if fix works. 
Acura  MDX   2008  A J. AUBURN, WA  11/18/08  3.00 body panels fit poorly radio presets do not work poor gas mileage  
Acura  MDX   2008  Ken C. Calgary, Alberta, Canada, AE  09/18/08  4.00 Got the new 2008 MDX (Canadian base model )about a month ago. Great SUV except for some annoying thuds at low speeds when making turns. Superb handling and a pleasure to drive; very comfortable and exciting to get that feeling of travelling in first class all the time!!! 
Acura  MDX   2008  Ken C. ,   08/24/08  5.00 No problems noted other than when the ABS modulator kicks in which makes the weird noise aafter vehicle starts. MDX drives like a champ and provides a very stable and secured ride, including all the comfort of a first class cabin. 
Acura  MDX   2008  Steven H. CORTARO, AZ  05/04/08  0.00 None so far 
acura  mdx   2007  Robert B. BETHESDA, MD  10/04/12  3.00 brakes and transmission seem to be the weakest areas on my MDX, finally went with aftermarket rotors and pads. 
Acura  MDX   2007  Brandon C. SIMPSONVILLE, SC  11/17/10  5.00 excellent vehicle 
Acura  MDX   2007  Linda C. WASHINGTON, DC  10/01/10  4.00 Unexpected problems with car with brakes, suspension and steering 
Acura  MDX   2007  Sam S. FLORENCE, OR  02/03/10  5.00 Everything works fine. Handles like s sports car. Don't really like the headlights. 
Acura  MDX   2007  Joseph C. SYOSSET, NY  11/11/09  4.00 Body fit finish poor. Lots of annoying little problems. Battery dies when rear hatch left open. Heater vents become separated from dash. Body panels fit and finish are not even. Center speaker vibrates on AM talk shows and when music turned up. Music Link is an abomination. I still cant understand what it does and it is not compatible with newer Ipods like Nano and Iphone. Expect a lot more from a nearly $50,000 car.  
Acura  MDX   2007  Mindy B. JACKSONVILLE, FL  10/12/09  4.00 great car, just having issues with a clicking noise when braking or accelerating. o/w love it!! 
Acura  MDX   2007  August D. SAN ANTONIO, TX  10/01/09  5.00 Outstanding ride and comfort. New sporty style with very comfortable luxury interior. Very nice to drive, excellent emergency handling. Great crash test ratings. 
Acura  MDX   2007  Za R. NEW YORK, NY  06/19/09  5.00 Problems: Undercarrige ratteling, Hands Free Link doesn't sync w/ many Blackberrys 
Acura  MDX   2007  Ed  P. ROCHESTER, MI  11/16/08  5.00 loved it 5 
Acura  MDX   2007  Aya F. FOXBORO, MA  10/28/08  5.00 Great car. 
Acura  MDX   2007  Lisa W. MIAMI, FL  05/05/08  4.00 So far, no real complaints with the car.  
Acura  MDX   2007  Brian D. YORBA LINDA, CA  02/04/08  4.00 Unidentified knocking after cold start. 
Acura  MDX   2007  Jeff B. PARKER, CO  09/12/07  4.00 1000 miles, so far, love the car. Brakes a little touchy. Great sound system and love NAV. 
Acura  MDX   2007  Ray S. DELMONT, PA  08/27/07  5.00 vehicle is always a pleasure to drive great suspension, seating comfort solid driving vehicle. 
acura  mdx   2006  Juan V. OMAHA, NE  10/06/12  3.00 Good suv 
Acura  MDX   2006  Josh D. CHAPEL HILL, NC  10/13/09  2.00 bad transmission...just replaced torque converter 
Acura  MDX   2006  Donald H. SUN CITY WEST, AZ  08/14/09  3.00 Front end cover has adefect and seperates from the head lights 
Acura  MDX   2006  Ann B. SAN JOSE, CA  05/24/09  0.00 Just bought the used car. 
Acura  MDX   2006  Rebecca B. FEEDING HILLS, MA  01/11/09  3.00 There is a clunking noise when going over small bumps/cracks, only in the rear passenger side, used dealer where I purchased isn't sure what the problem is. Anyone else have this problem? 
Acura  MDX   2006  Michael C. GREAT FALLS, VA  10/20/08  3.00 Electrical problems. Car keeps going dead but dealer says nothing wrong with it 
Acura  MDX   2006  Santosh  H. DIXON, IL  05/06/08  3.00 Moisture leaking around headlight gasket. 
acura  mdx   2005  David F. SEATTLE, WA  10/02/12  3.00 Thought this would be a great purchase as the car has won many accolades. After purchase I am noticing some little annoying things, prone to this car according to MDX blogs, I did not sign up for. Now my fingers are crossed. 
acura  mdx   2005  J R. SAN MARCOS, CA  09/15/12  2.00 horrible gas mileage, way to wide and couldnt fit it in normal parking spaces without wasting 10 minutes 
acura  mdx   2005  Ron K. BIRMINGHAM, AL  08/13/12  2.00 the transmission problems have ruined it for me 
acura  mdx   2005  John C. SUN CITY WEST, AZ  07/01/12  4.00 local dealership stinks 
acura  mdx   2005  Keith G. WYCKOFF, NJ  10/12/11  3.00 Transmission problems. Shudders at 35 - 40 MPH, even after software recall performed. Shifting on vehicle is becoming rougher sems too have gotten worse after recall done. 
Acura  MDX   2005  Donna D. BERLIN, MD  01/11/11  4.00 Great SUV, only complaint - have to use premium gas and poor gas mileage.  
Acura  MDX   2005  Brennon K. COLLEGEDALE, TN  06/27/10  0.00 Just purchased 
Acura  MDX   2005  Kenneth S. FORT LAUDERDALE, FL  06/18/10  3.00 Transmission grinds while accelerating between 35 and 40 mph. 
Acura  MDX   2005  Hugo B. SEDONA, AZ  04/04/10  4.00 Battery draw is 200ma when everything is shut down which results in a dead battery if I don't drive the car every day. 
Acura  MDX   2005  Cindy P. GAINESVILLE, FL  01/12/10  3.00 Torque convertor failed at 47K miles - replaced under warranty. Failed again post warranty, Acura replaced at N/C, still I believe there is an inherent design flaw in the transmission for this particular model. Other than this issue I love this SUV. 
Acura  MDX   2005  Maxine R. STATEN ISLAND, NY  01/30/09  4.00 noise when turning, clock at bottom of navigation system and too small, outside temp. info too small and again too far to see. when the navigation is not on it should be the clock as in the 2002 RL 
Acura  MDX   2005  Cheri H. HIXSON, TN  12/14/08  4.00 I just purchased a used 2005 Acura MDX. 
Acura  MDX   2005  Johnny D. FOREST GROVE, OR  09/26/08  0.00 I just bought an 05 MDX with 59k. Right away I noticed a strong vibration when using D5 at speeds of ~20-30 and also in the 40-50 mph range. I keep reading about this same issue with earlier models. I'm taking it to the dealership tomorrow in hopes that they will fix the issue at their expense. 
Acura  MDX   2005  Charles M. LORENA, TX  08/09/08  5.00 Only driven 800 miles thus far, but it seems to be an excellent care 
Acura  MDX   2005  Renee H. MANVILLE, RI  07/30/08  4.00 Navigation system issues 
Acura  MDX   2005  James P. RICHMOND, KY  05/23/08  4.00 Great car 
Acura  MDX   2005  Karen C. GLEN GARDNER, NJ  05/12/08  1.00 I have a 2005 MDX. At 50,000 miles the floor of front passenger side of my car began to fill with water. Acura paid for the repairs as this was a known defect. At 105,000 miles the first transmission/torque converter failed and it cost me $3500 out of pocket. 2 months later, the radiator cracked and my car overheated. Apparently, our $40,000 car does not have a light or indicator to let the driver know that the coolant is low. So my car overheated and the headgasket blew and I had to replace it for $2000 along with a new radiator at $600 At 120,000 miles the first transmission started failing and a second transmission was installed along with a failing rear main seal. The cost of the transmission was covered but not the rear main seal - $150. Then 1 week later, the new headgaskets began to leak and it was discovered that the screws were stripped and oil was shooting out the top of the engine. This was fixed for free also. So in the last year, I have over $7000 in repairs on this piece of crap  
Acura  MDX   2005  Doug  L. LEXINGTON, MA  05/02/08  5.00 No problems no complaints 
Acura  MDX   2005  Jennifer M. BELLEVILLE, NJ  10/31/07  3.00 I experienced electrical problems with my MDX. I had it taken in for service several times until they finally figured out the bracket behind the dash was short circuiting the electrical components. 
acura  mdx   2004  Ben S. WESTMINSTER, CA  11/27/12  3.00 MPG below advertised level - avg 12 MPG city and 20 hwy 
acura  mdx   2004  Mario L. PITTSBURGH, PA  09/21/11  3.00 A lot of quality problems; transmission going at 73K miles, vent air deflectors fell out, steering wheel controls for radio don't work, driver seat belt doesn't retract, electrical wiring & interior indicator lights. 
Acura  MDX   2004  Devon L. BROOKLYN, NY  02/15/11  1.00 Transmission failure at 65,000 miles. VTM making loud noises. Off Warranty Will pursue lawsuit against Acura if possible.  
Acura  MDX   2004  Taylor W. NEWPORT, NC  06/05/10  4.00 steerring wheel audio controls do not work, beginning to have transmission problems at 95,000 miles, great engine, lots of power. 
Acura  MDX   2004  Bo D. DES MOINES, IA  12/12/09  4.00 so far, so good.  
Acura  MDX   2004  John M. PENNSVILLE, NJ  12/09/09  4.00 I have a 2004 MDX Touring with 120K haven't had any problems 
Acura  MDX   2004  Don M. PRESCOTT, AZ  11/17/09  5.00 absolutely no problems. It is my tow car behind my moterhome 
Acura  MDX   2004  Dick J. NEW ORLEANS, LA  06/24/09  4.00 Have a problem with interior fan. I'm constantly told by ACURA service tech that the sound that i hear (like playing card being held to a spoke wheel) are leaves or trash that are getting pulled in through the cabin. Note: after it is repaired at no charge they never let me see what came out. 
Acura  MDX   2004  Scott P. OCONOMOWOC, WI  06/22/09  3.00 Disappointed with engine mounts going at 65k and electrical problems on the steering wheel and SRS 
Acura  MDX   2004  Jim S. ,   04/27/09  3.00 Front suspension clunking noise - rough ride. 
Acura  MDX   2004  Liz M. THOUSAND OAKS, CA  03/25/09  4.00 Little design flaws like in order to turn on the A/C, you have to turn on the navigation system first and wait for it to activate. Then the A/C does not have a memory so you can't set it to always come on blowing out the middle vents for example. It comes out the floor first. So a lot to do just to get cold air. Would rather turn on a knob- quicker and better since it is often over 90 degrees here in the summer every day. If for some reason the "door is open" and the navigation system doesn't turn on in the usual 1 minute, then no A/C. Its easy to lose stuff down the side of the two front seats which is annoying. The navigation system is not accurate and its difficult to use to find the nearest Starbucks- but that could be a problem with the navi and not Acura. Otherwise, the car up until now has had few repair problems. Now I have 109,000 miles on it and all of a sudden I am told I might need $8,000 worth of work. I think that's a little much for a luxury car.  
Acura  MDX   2004  Bill K. LISLE, IL  02/04/09  2.00 Transmission noise with 75000 miles 
Acura  MDX   2004  Stephen W. MARIETTA, GA  01/21/09  3.00 Not as high a quality car as I expected. Starter, Engine Mounts needed replacing before 65k. 
Acura  MDX   2004  G W. TEMECULA, CA  09/15/08  1.00 I have never owned a more problematic vehicle in my life. Upon delivery the car had a factory paint discoloration. Within the first year the brakes had to be replaced due to a "campain issue". Numerous fit and finish issues; ie. broken ac vents, rear backup camera stopped working, speakers had to be replaced, leather seat ripped, power window broke, ac works poorly; (sometimes not at all), and now the transmission is acting up all within the first 5 years. We drive the car conservatively and don't tow anything. And to top it all off Acura has a very poor customer service policy. Sometimes I had to wait weeks just to get a loaner car. When you pay close to $50k on a vehicle, one would expect more out of both the vehicle and the service rendered to their customers. I will never buy another Acura. I should have never traded in my Audi for the MDX 
Acura  MDX   2004  Mark K. FORT COLLINS, CO  02/22/08  3.00 Rides, handles and runs great. Lots of electrical problems!! 
acura  mdx   2003  Lisa N. HILTON HEAD ISLAND, SC  04/12/12  2.00 Just bought it used. Love the interior, which stood the test of time well, and the ride and design BUT after one week of owning it, may be faced with a large bill to replace torque converter...Apparently a known problem for Acura. 
Acura  MDX   2003  Donald G. ABINGDON, VA  04/08/11  1.00 Crappy radiator and auto transmission, both failed at only 139K 
Acura  MDX   2003  Sharon C. LANCASTER, PA  02/03/11  3.00 Radiator Failed at 115,000 miles, Transmission Failed at 130,000 miles 
Acura  MDX   2003  Yuzo S. BLACKLICK, OH  12/29/10  1.00 Torque converter 
Acura  MDX   2003  Alysia D. WINDERMERE, FL  10/05/10  1.00 another problem with torque converter and dealer won't stand behind 
Acura  MDX   2003  Kristy C. LEESBURG, GA  09/18/10  2.00 I bought my MDX with 57000 miles on it, everything ran great until 90,000 miles and then it has been downhill since then. The transmission went out at 91,000 (Torque converter). Alternator went out at 92,000. Extended warranty ended at 93k. Torque converter went out AGAIN @ 103k. Also discovered that two motor mounts were broken. (All together over $3,000 in repairs at 103k)  
Acura  MDX   2003  Robert F. RANCHOS DE TAOS, NM  08/28/10  5.00 great car 
Acura  MDX   2003  J S. SCOTTSDALE, AZ  05/12/10  4.00 172,000 miles and still happy with it Some repair items, worst was $2K air conditioning repair. 
Acura  MDX   2003  Meta L. RIBERA, NM  01/30/10  3.00 My CD Changer frequently does not work at all or between the dash and the steering column. Also my husband's Honda Element's AM-Radio gets better reception than my Bose antenna! 
Acura  MDX   2003  Dennis S. BOTHELL, WA  12/07/09  4.00 Road noise is significant. 
Acura  MDX   2003  Joel F. MIDLOTHIAN, VA  11/22/09  5.00 Love my MDX 
Acura  MDX   2003  Edgar A. STOCKTON, CA  10/24/09  5.00 Just Bought car and is now idiling low when running. 
Acura  MDX   2003  Vince  M. SAYREVILLE, NJ  06/08/09  3.00 radiator to trans line rotted off 
Acura  MDX   2003  Chris B. LEXINGTON, KY  03/09/09  2.00 persistent problems - air conditioning problems, transmission needs replacing, electrical problems, car detail stripes peeling off, brake problems only 68,000.miles 
Acura  MDX   2003  Lisa R. BOYDS, MD  02/07/09  3.00 Good until now. 
Acura  MDX   2003  George N. CORTE MADERA, CA  02/05/09  3.00 bad engine mounts! 
Acura  MDX   2003  Mathew V. ENFIELD, CT  01/17/09  3.00 Problem with water under carpets under driver and passenger. 
Acura  MDX   2003  PW M. SAN JOSE, CA  12/29/08  1.00 I can't tell if I got a used car lemon or if Acura Los Gatos misrepresented this individual vehicle. 
Acura  MDX   2003  Rick B. LAKE HOPATCONG, NJ  12/09/08  4.00 squeeky brakes, loud vibration in the gearbox. otherwise, I really have been happy with this car. 
Acura  MDX   2003  James R. RALEIGH, NC  11/18/08  4.00 have had multiple problems with HVAC system 
Acura  MDX   2003  Alex B. SANTA ANA, CA  11/13/08  3.00 mileage has deteriorated 25 % in last 2 years. A/C vent directional controls breaking 
Acura  MDX   2003  Richard A. LITTLETON, CO  10/18/08  4.00 problem with rear seat blower not woring 
Acura  MDX   2003  Mark S. KATY, TX  09/04/08  3.00 expensive to maintain. new transmission at 33,000. Directional vent controllers all broke off and have to replace entire vent to fix it. gas mileage not near what was advertised ever! Too expensive to maintain !!! did I say that already?  
Acura  MDX   2003  Wendy G. GLEN BURNIE, MD  08/28/08  3.00 Transmssion is slipping and noise coming from powersteering. 
Acura  MDX   2003  Jack D. VERGAS, MN  08/20/08  4.00 Too far to a dealer. 
Acura  MDX   2003  Anne H. SAN FRANCISCO, CA  08/08/08  1.00 MDX SRS failed to deploy airbags in front end collision, approx. speed 55mph. Additionally, even though there was no passenger in the car nor cargo on the passenger seat, the pre-tensioner was ignited on the passenger side (in addition to the drivers)...the pre-tensioner unit failed to contain the explosive chemicals and as a result, the interior components of the passenger side pillar, e.g. wiring harness, insulation, etc. caught fire and did not stop burning for close to an hour....Acura's preliminary decision re: manufacturing defects was that it was not responsible for any of the issues despite the fact their own staff verified that the parts were defective.  
Acura  MDX   2003  Dawna W. MEMPHIS, TN  07/20/08  5.00 Loved this vehicle and all the bells and whistles. However, maintenance was extremely expensive. But this car drove like new at 122,000miles until i finally traded it in for a vehicle with better gas mileage.  
Acura  MDX   2003  Renan G. CANTON, MA  07/05/08  4.00 Going Back and forth with the dealer regarding a click coming from the front brakes. Based on the amount of work done I think I spent the price of two new calipers for the Acura parts. 
Acura  MDX   2003  Zaheed D. SAN MATEO, CA  06/24/08  3.00 brakes werent that good when I purchased vehicle used at 33k miles. Seat heater went out in drivers seat. 
Acura  MDX   2003  Dianna T. SOUTH BEND, IN  05/08/08  3.00 We are having a problem with the transmission. Acura said they need to replace the torque converter....we are concerned about any damage that may have occured to the transmission prior to finding the torque converter problematic. 
Acura  MDX   2003  Gilberto V. BAYSIDE, NY  04/28/08  4.00 radio, feel all bumps 
Acura  MDX   2003  David S. ,   04/26/08  0.00 power steering pump is belching and wheezing at 40000 miles 
Acura  MDX   2003  Jennifer A. CINCINNATI, OH  11/25/06  4.00 I have enjoyed theast 215k miles. I still runs great. My only complaint is that the dealer nor Bose can figure out why my radio is no longer accepting the security code. Fuses are fine, code has been verified. 
Acura  MDX   2003  Peter B. MOUNT LAUREL, NJ  05/25/06  1.00 Transmission died at 90K miles, mostly highway 
Acura  MDX   2003  Petro S. ,   04/04/06  5.00 Nothing wrong with the car. Excellent value. 
acura  mdx   2002  Fred C. ,   03/05/12  1.00 your comments hereTransmission problems 
acura  mdx   2002  Dianne L. ROUND ROCK, TX  01/09/12  3.00 Having issues lately with transmission. 
Acura  MDX   2002  Tamara  S. HOUSTON, TX  07/24/11  3.00 Well I bout this car about a year ago at about 112k miles ..and was a proud owner of a 2002 Acura MDX...was great for a while until I started noticing slow acceleration while pressing on the gas...thought nothing of it at first....took it for a service to Acura Dealership ...told the Service dept about my issue and they are the once who recommended the 120k mi service made me forget about the reason I brought it in the first place 3 mo later malfunction light came on at 128k mi and they tell me my transmission is going bad ....they knew this when I took it in the first time..but of course instead of telling me then they let me spend $2k on service and now telling me its going to cost me $5k for a new transmission ...thanks! I am pretty ticked coming to know that this issue has been ongoing for thousands of people and they are not doing a thing about it ! 
Acura  MDX   2002  Greg F. MASON, OH  07/06/11  2.00 I have over 120k miles on this wonderful SUV, but today the transmission blew up. The dealer told me the recalls had been completed in2004, however having owned the car during that time I never went to the dealership in 2004,05, or 06. I now have trouble with the shift lever and I was informed i needed to replace the motor mounts 
Acura  MDX   2002  Shavon T. WASHINGTON, DC  04/17/11  1.00 Complaints about the brakes and ther transmission 
Acura  MDX   2002  Rex  M. CHARLOTTE, NC  01/20/11  2.00 Transmission and engine aren't as reliable as I would expect for this model. 
Acura  MDX   2002  Minhaj K. GLENDALE HEIGHTS, IL  10/03/10  2.00 transmssion is very bad 
Acura  MDX   2002  J H. WALNUT CREEK, CA  02/19/10  1.00 02/2002 that just turned 49K miles in 02/2010, has tranny problems.  
Acura  MDX   2002  Dave D. CHARLOTTE, NC  06/24/09  4.00 none 
Acura  MDX   2002  Barry R. APO, AE  03/23/09  5.00 Although I am having transmission issues, the main problem is I am stationed in Europe without Acura support. Honda is not prepared to repair Acura vehicles. 
Acura  MDX   2002  Joe C. MONTCLAIR, NJ  12/03/08  4.00 The transmission has been our major complaint. We had our third transmission in the car by 70,000 miles. We are now putting in our fourth transmission and we have 175,000 miles. I have owned numerous other cars, both domestic and foreign, and have never had so many transmission issues. 
Acura  MDX   2002  Paul C. NORTHBOROUGH, MA  09/03/08  3.00 Transmission isn't that reliable 
Acura  MDX   2002  Julie B. SAINT PAUL, MN  08/01/08  2.00 Not a typical Honda corp product. lots of little items. There is a point where they all begin to add up. 
Acura  MDX   2002  Lisa  G. NEWBURY PARK, CA  06/28/08  1.00 transmission out at 120,000 miles 
Acura  MDX   2002  David  L. JOHNSTOWN, OH  05/02/08  3.00 good ride  
Acura  MDX   2002  Alberto M. ,   11/12/07  3.00 Many transmission problems reported. There is an NHTSA transmission recall, but several consumers report problems getting Acura to address problems and have to pay for fixes. 
Acura  MDX   2002  PJ P. Apex, NC  05/12/07  2.00 Three transmissions later we are parking our car. The last incident almost got me killed. The car had a few times when it slipped out of gear when driving down an incline in our parking garage but would go right back. The last day I drove it I had to stop on a busy four lane rod to make a left turn, gave it gas and as i began the turn, it slipped into neutral and I coasted across the street. Like everyone else, we have taken the car back to the dealership for repairs, evaluations etc. Their only suggestion was to replace the transmission again.  
Acura  MDX   2002  T H. AUSTIN, TX  06/02/04  2.00 So many problems with this car. It is like owning a GM junk mobile. 
Acura  MDX   2001  David F. REHOBOTH BEACH, DE  07/08/11  4.00 Major drive train problems for 10 years. Otherwise, an excellent car. 
Acura  MDX   2001  Calvin J. CARY, NC  04/21/11  3.00 Not bad overall. Had alot of interior issue: foot panels broke easily; seat pockets located on the backs of the front seats came apart within 3 years; after about 5 years, mechanism to slide the middle seat forward has broken - making it difficult to get out of the back of the car; after 10 years, there is a short in the power to the radio, causing fuses to blow immediately. There are many excellent features. I have had my car now for 10 years. 
Acura  MDX   2001  Merrill C. SALT LAKE CITY, UT  04/17/11  5.00 Bought new in 2001. 107K miles, no problems. Rock solid. Amazing in snow. 
Acura  MDX   2001  Bill E. SAN JOSE, CA  06/16/10  5.00 Very good car. Since brand new model, had a few start up problems but Acura did execellent at fixing problems. Now 115K and have spent zero $$ at dealer. (Do my own work).  
Acura  MDX   2001  Michael M. JACKSONVILLE, FL  02/07/10  3.00 Have been disappointed with having to replace motor mounts in this vehicle (which is first car ever owned that needed this repair). No off road use of any type, this type repair should not be required. Also, concerned of vibration and noise post repair of motor mounts that is excessive for the quality of this vehicle. 
Acura  MDX   2001  Sandra B. SHINGLE SPRINGS, CA  11/20/09  3.00 Chronic static on AM Band on the radio; intermittent shuddering at slow speeds around 15-35 MPH; slipping transmission started early on. 
Acura  MDX   2001  Daniel W. MADERA, CA  09/15/09  3.00 engine pooling oil intake ,burns in cyl.burned hole in valve on one,hole in piston on another 
Acura  MDX   2001  Michael S. BOISE, ID  06/15/09  5.00 I bought the car new and I still love it after 90,000 miles. I have never had any mechanical or service issues with the car. 
Acura  MDX   2001  Mike F. ,   05/05/09  4.00 I have a shudder at 50 km/hr that I am trying to have corrected but the dealer doesn't seem to be able to diagnose.  
Acura  MDX   2001  Yvonne L. HYANNIS, MA  03/23/09  4.00 Unusual noise sounds like tires scraping on the road, happens after warm-up, getting more frequent, also temp control problems, set at 61 heat is extra hot, noise coming from dash near temp control 
Acura  MDX   2001  Mark J. CONCORD, NC  11/30/08  4.00 93k miles & no issues other than normal maintenance including replacing tires + one brake job. Concerned about potential transmission problems 
Acura  MDX   2001  Yvette P. DULUTH, GA  10/01/08  1.00 Since the warranty expired, the CD changer malfunctioned. Also, I had to replace two engine mounts. The costs of these repairs are not cheap. I've searched the net and found numerous complaints about this model. I'm ticked since my car has less than 62K miles. Also, it has only and always been maintained by the dealer. 
Acura  MDX   2001  W. Donald W. BOWIE, MD  09/24/08  4.00 I have not had any major problems with my MDX, except regular maintenance. . . It's in the shop now for 105K timing belt replacement. I was just told that the front and side motor mounts were broken and had to be replaced, approx. $600 
Acura  MDX   2001  Jaipal A. SAN JOSE, CA  09/21/08  4.00 good 
Acura  MDX   2001  John K. SCOTTSMOOR, FL  05/15/08  3.00 Replaced transmission at 130000 miles 
Acura  MDX   2001  Dre E. PISCATAWAY, NJ  12/20/05  4.00 No glaring problems. Steady and reliable.  
Acura  NSX   1992  Bryan  R. LONDON, KY  05/13/10  5.00 Snap Ring Failed on Ill Made Transmission case. 
Acura  NSX   1991  Thomas D. LAKE WORTH, FL  08/01/08  4.00 4-very good 
Acura  NSX   1991  Dennis W. TEMECULA, CA  08/02/06  5.00 Good ride and handling, great accelleration and stopping. Excellent reliability. 
Acura  RDX   2008  Paddy C. ,   09/11/10  4.00 Owned mine for 2yrs and have no problems It is noisy on the highway 
Acura  RDX   2008  Donald S. ARLINGTON, VT  01/02/09  4.00 Outside mirrors are positioned to far back, not a good view. Passenger seat should be electric. No back seat heaters. The user interface menus are not user friendly. The lighting on the steering is not readable or bright enough to see at night.  
Acura  RDX   2007  Shannon W. BALLWIN, MO  04/28/11  4.00 groaning noise coming from air ducts 
Acura  RDX   2007  Denise D. ROCKPORT, MA  08/31/09  3.00 very concerned about diagnosed problem with moon roof molding--replacement to cost $1,000 and Acura could not tell me why the molding warped and how to prevent it from happening again. I bought an Acura to avoid exactly these kinds of problems. I also bought the extended warranty, but of course this isn't covered. 
Acura  RDX   2007  Marisell F. BRONX, NY  01/02/09  3.00 So far be determined though...getting error messages...Acura Messages lit up like a X-mas tree in one month. 
Acura  RDX   2007  Christopher  A. FAIRPORT, NY  12/14/08  2.00 Navigation system display is too dim. Very difficult to see - even on an overcast day. Replacement system no better but now sound system buzzes.  
Acura  RDX   2007  Stuart B. ,   11/09/08  3.00 The suspension is so awful that I have to use a sea sickness patch behind my ear if I am going to ride in it. It is not just my vehicle, but, the entire RDX fleet rides so hard that a person gets tossed around inside the interior until they are sick. I love everything about this vehicle except the feel of the ride. Can Acura do anything to help me??????? 
Acura  RDX   2007  Michael D. MOUNT JULIET, TN  06/05/08  4.00 Grinding front brakes 
Acura  RDX   2007  Analisa B. CLERMONT, FL  05/02/08  4.00 Popping noise under front of car when shifting from reverse into drive and giving it some gas. 
Acura  RDX   2007  Anna  B. HARTWELL, GA  04/24/08  5.00 Wish the passenger seat did not have manual adjustments.  
acura  rl   2010  Rich R. GLASSBORO, NJ  09/30/12  5.00 take it over a comperable lexus or audi 6 
Acura  RL   2010  Marcia S. NEW PALESTINE, IN  06/04/10  0.00 A/C didn't work when the car was new with no mileage and the door lock settings wouldn't work. The car has been in service three times in the first month. 
Acura  RL   2008  Roy S. MIDDLEBURG, FL  10/26/09  2.00 bad transmission, Nav system malfunctions, road noise horrible! 
Acura  RL   2007  Lawrence N. CORDOVA, MD  09/09/07  5.00 best overall car I have ever owned or driven...0 issues at 4 years and 54,000 miles. 
acura  rl   2006  Jonathan H. CHARLESTON, SC  02/07/13  4.00 your comments here  
Acura  RL   2006  Jeffrey R. STARKVILLE, MS  12/13/10  4.00 I've had this car for several months. Was very pleased when I bought it and it continues to satisfy with daily use. A bit over-engineered but very rewarding when technology is finally mastered. This car can do alot to make the driving experience more rewarding. Great value for the money as a used car.  
Acura  RL   2006  Don P. SAINT LOUIS, MO  06/23/09  4.00 Rough shift from 1st to 2nd gear 
Acura  RL   2006  Tim A. STATEN ISLAND, NY  05/02/08  3.00 acura 
Acura  RL   2005  C W. BEAUMONT, TX  05/19/11  4.00 Leather finish on black steering wheel Changes to white faded color with time. Fog light lenses break too easily. DVD Nav Door opens & breaks when packing. Steering wheel switch buttons turn white. Side mirror swivels loosen with time.  
Acura  RL   2005  Stanley K. PLATTSBURGH, NY  02/18/10  0.00 None 
Acura  RL   2005  Ken S. FAIRMONT, WV  01/17/10  3.00 pros: sporty, sophisticated styling; AWD; safety factor; comfortable and nice interior; decent gas mileage cons: excessive wind noise; front end/suspension rattle; trunk closing - sounds cheap; awkward GPS; keyless entry system is nuisance 
Acura  RL   2005  Robert F. TAUNTON, MA  01/06/10  4.00 keyless entry malfunction,car would not start or recognize key fob 
Acura  RL   2005  John U. DECATUR, GA  12/22/09  3.00 Great car to drive, however many things are starting to malfunction at the 50K mile mark. The 05's have terrible inner-city fuel consumption, but great on the highway. I have owned V8's with better fuel economy and more weight. I am having a specialist look into some odd condition with the ac not working even though the system has been tested and no leaks or bad hoses found otherwise. After having a battery replaced, and accidentally putting the car into a "sleep" mode, I had to leave at the specialist and pay for simple fix. Ridiculous!!! I never leave the wipers on before shutting the engine off anymore. Interior lights and both power mirrors are malfunctioning as well. This will require another visit and greater expense. With all that in mind now I realize the mistake I made in buying an Acura. 3 more years and back to German manufacturers.  
Acura  RL   2005  Dave K. MANSFIELD, OH  07/09/09  4.00 Door lock sensors were a problem. This car drives great, however. 
Acura  RL   2005  Karl G. LA CROSSE, WI  10/30/08  4.00 flickering left headlight 
Acura  RL   2003  M O. DOUGLAS, MA  06/30/11  5.00 8 years old and 140,000 trouble free miles 
Acura  RL   2002  Catherine Y. KALAMAZOO, MI  10/29/10  4.00 ball joints worn with only 63,000 miles problems with ignition switch  
Acura  RL   2002  Mickey  R. JERSEY CITY, NJ  08/12/09  3.00 na 
acura  rl   2000  Patricia  L. BOYERTOWN, PA  08/18/12  3.00 your comments here Used to be Very good....Not happy at this point....had to replace several hoses during the past year or two and the radiator and thermostat just this week 
Acura  RL   2000  Glenn E. NEW YORK, NY  10/18/08  4.00 We bought this car because all our driving is long distance (100-250 miles) and it was the most comfortable car for the price. The only option was the GPS -- we thought it was a splurge but has proven very useful. 
Acura  RL   1999  Ralph B. MORTON GROVE, IL  05/26/09  5.00 more than normal cranking time to start 1999 acura 3.5rl 
Acura  RL   1999  John D. SAINT PAUL, MN  03/16/09  5.00 Wonderful car, 150K have replaced struts and suspension parts on my own. Had engine intake clogged with carbon, not a warranty item, it was on my wife's CL, should have been on 99RL. Excellent car, 3rd Legend, 1990 was the best , 95 was better, 99 is not built for handling, but no complaints. Car was shorting out, dealer and mechanic could not find it, I did, under the footrest is a large bundle of wires, it was touching the sheet metal. 
Acura  RL   1999  JT T. TUCSON, AZ  12/03/08  5.00 I have had some electrical/sensor problems, but this car has been great. 
Acura  RL   1998  Michele L. CHATTANOOGA, TN  01/13/09  4.00 My tilt steering made a loud humming noise and I was notified today that the entire steering column needs to be replaced. The gears are plastic and have broken. The cost is $2600.  
Acura  RL   1997  Clifford  S. GAINESVILLE, FL  12/12/08  3.00 Like many RL owners, my 1997 seems to have the ABS and Traction lights on at all times. It seems to me that a problem so prevalent could be ignored and not considered a recall item by the manufacturer. Besides, it cost a fortune to have these components repaired. 
Acura  RL   1997  Dorian M. HAMPTON, NJ  12/04/08  2.00 srs light is on as while as the abs light 
Acura  RL   1997  Fidel P. PERRIS, CA  07/20/08  4.00 just buy 1997 rl 4 mths ago love ti ! only complaint bad navigation sistem hard drive . 
acura  rl   1996  ANTHONY  J. BIRMINGHAM, AL  08/01/12  4.00 I Love My rl no problems 
Acura  RL   1996  Terrill S. POOLER, GA  05/23/11  3.00 Overall a good car. Back windows will not roll down but other than that very reliable and still looks good for 15 years old. 
Acura  RL   1996  T S. SPRINGFIELD, VA  09/05/10  3.00 Excellent until 80,000 miles. Parts are extremely expensive, so I've spent $8,000 in the last 3 years on parts/labor. 
acura  rsx   2006  Chris L. BEVERLY HILLS, CA  01/01/12  5.00 Good balance of handling, performance, reliability and style. 
Acura  RSX   2006  Joe B. BEVERLY HILLS, CA  04/28/09  5.00 awesome 
Acura  RSX   2006  Mike K. LOS ANGELES, CA  04/24/09  3.00 Gear grinds rough ride too small of tires from factory 
Acura  RSX   2006  Wendy H. TOOMSBORO, GA  03/24/09  2.00 Have had problems with the all of the lights blowing and tail lights filling up with water. 
Acura  RSX   2006  Edward C. DUBLIN, OH  01/22/09  4.00 difficulty shifting into 3rd gear (manual transmission) 
Acura  RSX   2006  Cyrus C. HERNDON, VA  12/29/08  3.00 Transmission Grinding is a big issue 
Acura  RSX   2006  Dan Z. NEW BERLIN, IL  06/07/08  4.00 Strut Noise!!!!! 
Acura  RSX   2006  Geoff G. NEW YORK, NY  04/30/08  4.00 the car is fun to drive, but rattles in the cold. suspension and tires make highway driving very loud. 
Acura  RSX   2006  David D. MONSEY, NY  07/09/06  4.00 Driver's leather seat is cracking & dealer said this is normal for a car almost 2 years old with 20,000 miles - we disagree! 
Acura  RSX   2006  Horatio N. WAUKESHA, WI  06/30/06  1.00 Way too many little and big problems to recommend. 
Acura  RSX   2006  Tracy K. PROVIDENCE, RI  06/05/06  1.00 This car (2006 Acura RSX) sucks and so does First Acura in Seekonk, MA. Clicking noise when making a turn was determined to be a part in the tranmission and Acura says the noise doesn't affect the performance and refuses to fix it...but the noise will annoy you to death. It supposedly has climate control...yea open the windows. First Acura service department mechanics don't know whats going on...I guess they graduated from backyard mechanic school. I went and bought an Accord EX 2006 with Navigation and Leather. Guess what, they are no longer producing the RSX...wonder why? 
Acura  RSX   2005  Richard H. ,   07/29/09  5.00 I too heard noise on slow tight turns on my '05 RSX, bought new. The dealer replaced both front springs under warranty. Car was 2 years old with 20,000 KM on it. Also had annoying squeak in dash-repaired with a foam injection between windshield and dash under warranty, mechanic commented that it was a known problem.  
Acura  RSX   2005  Aaron C. MARYSVILLE, OH  02/23/09  4.00 Tail lights and Head lights easily get water in them. 6 disc cd changer locks up easily. great car otherwise.  
Acura  RSX   2005  Marcos C. FREDERICKSBURG, VA  07/20/08  5.00 third gear pop out 
Acura  RSX   2005  Craig S. WALTHAM, MA  10/17/06  4.00 Clutch burnt out before 18k miles. Driver's side "auto up" feature works intermittently; whereas even when windows are clean of debris, will go up for a short distance then come back down with no apparent obstruction. Tire blow out at 17k Miles. 2005 Acura RSX Type-S 
acura  rsx   2004  Anthony B. YONKERS, NY  12/28/11  4.00 your comments here prob lem with code p1077 
Acura  RSX   2004  Malia O. SAN DIEGO, CA  03/15/11  5.00 170K and still going... 
Acura  RSX   2004  E G. SAN DIEGO, CA  11/16/10  3.00 The manual clutch needed to be replaced, as per a TSB. Other than that, good car! 
Acura  RSX   2004  Chris K. KANSAS CITY, MO  04/10/10  3.00 This car is a blast to drive but I have owned it for a few years and started running into shift problems and other minor issues. this became a large problem when the 3rd gear grind resulted in my shift linkage having excessive damage and giving out. Acura not wanting to help at all! 
Acura  RSX   2004  Dan A. HATFIELD, PA  05/16/09  4.00 Excellent vehicle. I have an issue with the widow molding belt strip on each door. The finish is deteriorating and I am told it is not covered under warranty. My question is: there must have been a defect during manufacturing otherwise all the molding would be in the same shape. No resolution to date.  
Acura  RSX   2004  Jason J. SPRINGFIELD, MA  04/27/09  5.00 Great car! Small problems only. 
Acura  RSX   2004  John S. MIDLAND, TX  01/24/09  0.00 Just bought a silver 04, 5spd auto Gorgeous inside and out. Just checking for recalls/TSB and owner issues. 
Acura  RSX   2004  Peter M. SUNNYVALE, CA  08/21/08  5.00 None 
Acura  RSX   2004  Felice L. WAYNE, PA  02/21/08  4.00 Only issues I have with the car, is very poor grip in the snow, and gears sometimes grind when changing from 1st to 2nd and 2nd to 3rd. Problem is intermittent, but keeping revs over 3000 appears to help on upshifting Handling/Roadholding - improved my new Michelin Tires - Exalto sport A/S 
acura  rsx   2003  Don F. MOBILE, AL  10/10/11  4.00 daughters college car, have only done routine maintenance except for A/C repair 
Acura  RSX   2003  Charles  W. ,   05/03/10  4.00 Overall very satisfied. Previous owned a 91 Integra for 170k kms over 8 years. Now I've owned an '03 RSX for 90k kms over 2 years. Love the handling, and power from the standard 160 hp, 5 spd model. In the winter I change to Nokian Hakka 5 studded tires, and she behaves beautifully in the snow when I drive to go skiing. You wouldn't believe how well the weight balance is and I'm surprised sometimes that the car is FWD, very little understeer in the snow. Results may differ for you as those Nokians are top notch winter tires. The hatch is phenomenal, so spacious. I can fit two moutain bikes in the rear with the seats folded down... and I don't even have to remove the tires! Very convenient to be able to lay down the seats and load her up. We can make the Costco run after spontaneously purchasing a bulky boxed item before hand. More practical than a pick-up or SUV for me. I can comfortably fit all my gear inside the vehicle without resorting to roof racks for most activities. The 50/50 fold down seats easily accommodates my 200 cm fat skis (104 mm waist). I usually bring several pairs of skis to the mountains and we can easily fit 6 pairs in there and still have seating for 3 people. When I go in larger groups, or with people who have SUVs, their skis end up in my car because they dont fit people + skis without a box on top! I argue this vehicle has far more utility than an SUV, all it lacks is passenger space! I'm very sad they dis-continued these in '06. Overall: Great mix of fun, tightly tuned driving, paired up with practical & flexible cargo. Compared to the '91 Integra: Pros: Tighter and better tuned suspension. More power and agility. More room between the rear suspension mounts which allows larger cargo carrying capacity. Quieter cab, better interior styling and trim. Cons: Less visibility due to: 1. smaller windows which start higher up, 2. larger pillars are used to support roof, and 3. rear windows are difficult  
Acura  RSX   2003  Carlo M. DENVILLE, NJ  03/24/10  4.00 Happy overall, but disappointed with failure of primary 02 sensor and metallic-screeching noise from engine compartment. 
Acura  RSX   2003  Brian H. COMSTOCK, NY  02/11/10  2.00 only thing i dont like about it is how weak the 6speed transmission is 
Acura  RSX   2003  CWEF C. ,   07/04/09  5.00 mbhvjhg;kjn /kjhn;l, 
Acura  RSX   2003  Danielle H. ACCOKEEK, MD  03/10/09  3.00 Certain transmission problems 
Acura  RSX   2003  Paul M. HAUPPAUGE, NY  01/05/09  4.00 dealer svs poor 
Acura  RSX   2003  Joseph W. SEAFORD, NY  12/14/08  4.00 I have the 2003 RSX Type-S. I think it's a very good car, with the exception of a couple small problems. It has a good balance of power and gas mileage. Runs very nice, cornering is excellent. The problems I've had over 2 years since buying it used - electrical problem causing headlights to intermittently not turn off, the heat stops working when stopped, and panels vibrate while driving. Also, the transmission grinds going into 2nd gear and it took me a long time to get used to shifting in a way to minimize the problem. 
Acura  RSX   2003  Aa A. ,   10/22/08  5.00 Haven't got any problems so far. 
Acura  RSX   2003  MICHELLE F. LINDEN, NJ  08/17/08  0.00 I own a late model 2003 that was sold to me as a 2004. My engine has ceased 
Acura  RSX   2003  Jesse C. CLEARWATER, FL  12/30/07  5.00 Excellent car. Put 50,000 miles on it the first year with no problems. Only fault with it is that it oversteers some when accelerating in a turn. 
Acura  RSX   2003  Marvin D. FEDERAL WAY, WA  02/12/07  1.00 Piece of junk. Falling apart. 
acura  rsx   2002  Ryan  R. FRANKLIN, MI  10/13/11  4.00 Bad service at Acura since the discontinuation of the RSX 
Acura  RSX   2002  Scott C. VIRGINIA BEACH, VA  09/29/09  5.00 The car overall is exactly what I was looking for when I bought it. All except the grinding that started in late 2006. I can still pull in second gear but eventually the synchro is going to go and then second will be gone all together. 
Acura  RSX   2002  Thomas R. CHESAPEAKE BEACH, MD  04/22/09  3.00 Expensive to fix and maintain... 
Acura  RSX   2002  Jim S. SAN DIEGO, CA  01/05/09  1.00 always had transmission problems, dating back to 2 weeks after purchasing car in 01 (02 model)... dealer always denied any transmission problems... the engine blew up during normal course of driving... there's been similar reports all over the web and Acura does not even own-up to their warranty (which is short to begin with).... little wonder that RSX is no longer being made. 
Acura  RSX   2002  John  L. MANCHESTER, NH  10/05/08  4.00 I love this vehicle! My only issue is the "second gear grind" that all 02-04 RSX owners experiance 
Acura  RSX   2002  William C. MEMPHIS, TN  09/23/08  3.00 Poor rear visibility, outside mirrors not heated, problems with door and hatchback locks. always runs well, though. 
Acura  RSX   2002  Alan Y. HERNDON, VA  05/06/08  5.00 Great car 
acura  slx   1996  Cliff B. CARMICHAEL, CA  07/31/11  3.00 heater core hose came off. 
acura  tl   2012  Philip L. IRVINE, CA  07/11/12  5.00 Very quick with 6 speed automatic. Handling is excellent. Very comfortable. 
Acura  TL   2010  Ye C. ,   03/10/11  1.00 vibration on gas pedal and steering wheel at 2000-2500 rpm, at every gear 
Acura  TL   2010  Steve R. SAN DIEGO, CA  08/17/10  5.00 Needs at least a 6-speed auto mpg should be better nav weather/graphics could be more like Ford's Sync Otherwise great car, can't wait for the 2014 ! 
acura  tl   2009  FRANK T. HOSCHTON, GA  12/18/12  5.00 BETS CAR I HAVE OWNED 
Acura  TL   2009  Brad D. CARROLLTON, TX  06/10/10  5.00 Great Car needs appx 30 hp more though. 
Acura  TL   2009  Ray B. ,   11/08/09  5.00 My 2009 Acura TL SH-AWD is nearly perfect. It is improved in many areas from the 2004 TL which I owned for six years. The only problem found in the first 1,000 km of driving is a 5 cm diameter paint flaw on the trunk lid. I am going to the dealership to address that problem today. 
Acura  TL   2008  Teddy W. ,   02/10/10  5.00 I have driven these cars and they are the art of engineering. You really cannot ask for much more....but of course there are always improvements. 
Acura  TL   2008  Roland D. SOUTHAMPTON, PA  08/28/09  4.00 I seem to have a problem with spots on the roof, hood, and trunk. There are numerous spots that will not come off. The paint itself is smooth. 
Acura  TL   2008  David C. ORLANDO, FL  11/15/08  4.00 The automatic transmission downshifts too early when slowing down, which causes the RPMs to jump slightly and the car kicks back a little. 
Acura  TL   2008  Jay B. SACRAMENTO, CA  11/01/08  4.00 ongoing problem with center brake light not being tight to the window so we get light leakage. Seat could be a little more comfortable 
acura  tl   2007  Haney R. BEDFORD, TX  02/22/13  4.00 no comment  
acura  tl   2007  LAura L. SARASOTA, FL  06/20/12  3.00 steering sweaks when cold 
Acura  TL   2007  Randy S. ALBANY, OR  06/22/10  4.00 a lot of inner tire wear. dealer did 4 wheel alignment. toe out but within specs. adjusted front and reart toe with a slight toe in bias. continue to have the same problem. 
Acura  TL   2007  Lee C. ELIZABETH CITY, NC  09/22/09  3.00 getting 14 MPG. taking it to the shop. 
Acura  TL   2007  Steph L. ALBUQUERQUE, NM  09/03/09  3.00 The Brake pads are horrible. I have had to change them twice. I am at 43,000 miles and I am told I need to change them every 15,000 Miles 
Acura  TL   2007  Dave M. HAZEL PARK, MI  05/26/09  4.00 Rattle behind instrument cluster Had to have damping foam added by speakers (covered by warranty) Interior materials are nice, but not very durable Otherwise...great car and fun to drive 
Acura  TL   2007  Rene R. ATTLEBORO, MA  10/16/07  5.00 Great car! 
acura  tl   2006  Maine F. BROOKLYN, NY  07/01/12  3.00 Power string issues Frome day one and driver window problems 
acura  tl   2006  Grace S. HARRISBURG, PA  01/15/12  1.00 Really great WHEN IT WORKS . I have to repair it every other month 
acura  tl   2006  Larry M. TIVERTON, RI  01/07/12  2.00 have an 06 bought new 6 yrs to the day the tranny went. Has 122,000 miles 
acura  tl   2006  Steve L. RADCLIFF, KY  12/29/11  5.00 No problems 
Acura  TL   2006  Andrew C. ,   05/04/11  3.00 it just seems like something is wrong all the time. 
Acura  TL   2006  R K. NEW ORLEANS, LA  10/02/10  4.00 Leather seats did not hold up well. Car too low to ground. The black plastic strip bolted to the bottom of the front bumper keeps getting banged up. Half of it is gone. It constantly gets scraped when going any irregular surface such as going from a street onto a regular driveway. 
Acura  TL   2006  Patricia B. GREENSBORO, NC  06/21/10  3.00 Radio reception is very bad. 
Acura  TL   2006  M C. WOODLAND HILLS, CA  05/27/09  3.00 I'm surprised how much noise this car makes. I bought the car used with only 27000 miles but it creaks like a car with 10 times its milage 
Acura  TL   2006  Nancy B. WHITE PLAINS, NY  04/11/09  4.00 Overall a good car. Problems inlcude difficulty shifting into 3rd gear, bad vibrations on rear window from audio system when subwoofer is on, frequent break pad reaplacements. 
Acura  TL   2006  Anthony V. FORT WAYNE, IN  03/21/09  3.00 CHROME WHEELS PEELING 
Acura  TL   2006  Charles B. BOSTON, MA  03/06/09  2.00 Great car - EXCEPT musty smell from the ventilation system started at about 2.5 yrs/50K miles. Nothing helps so far and the smell is really messing up my health (sinuses). Dealer says just turn the fan up/nothing we can do. I too feel I have a lemon. 
Acura  TL   2006  Steve P. ASHBURN, VA  02/20/09  4.00 I enjoy my 06 TL. It has been reliable and fun to drive. The only things that I would like improved are the turn radius (not tight) and the audio system should display radio and CD song names and radio station names. 
Acura  TL   2006  Susan S. CHURCHVILLE, NY  01/16/09  2.00 Needed new front brakes by 21,00 miles, needed new GPS system by 15,00 miles, Michelin tires worn by 22,00 miles. I'll go back to the Honda Accord, Thanks. 
Acura  TL   2006  Bill P. WESTMINSTER, MD  08/04/08  3.00 Terrible manual transmission, rattles..... 
Acura  TL   2006  John S. DENVILLE, NJ  05/02/08  3.00 Brakes, Musty smell from AC/ventilation 
Acura  TL   2006  Bill M. CORTARO, AZ  05/01/08  2.00 clutch fails too early. 56,000 kilometres. It cant take the power 
Acura  TL   2006  Rodney O. MARIETTA, GA  01/02/08  4.00 I love this car and would love to keep it however, I have one major issue which is plaguing me. The Dealership is very helpful in trying to repair my car it just seems there is no solution to my problem and after all these attempts I believe I have a lemon. I have found no other owners with the same issue I have with the steering. It happens during slow speed turns and or whenever I am turning without using the accelerator. They have repaired and or replaced everything within the steering system and the problem still seems to defy all logic. It would seem I have no choice but to affect the Consumer Rights Law. 
Acura  TL   2006  Warren S. SACRAMENTO, CA  11/16/06  5.00 Awesome ride 
Acura  TL   2006  Charles H. OAK RIDGE, TN  11/10/06  5.00 Very happy with this car. 8,000 miles so far.  
Acura  TL   2006  William B. MC LEAN, VA  07/07/06  5.00 Best car that I ever bought. For the money you cannot beat it. 
Acura  TL   2006  Jb L. HEWLETT, NY  06/23/06  5.00 Water from air conditioning ran into computer frying it. I needed a new computer and tech rep it was not the first time. 
acura  tl   2005  Lisa J. OCEANSIDE, CA  11/07/12  4.00 Doesn't drive as smooth as I thought it would 
acura  tl   2005  M B. DELRAY BEACH, FL  10/07/11  5.00 Very little trouble. OEM batteries not very good. 
Acura  TL   2005  W H. ,   06/05/11  4.00 a few interrior rattles I would like to get rid of though. 
Acura  TL   2005  Richard S. SAN DIEGO, CA  01/10/11  4.00 Only get 22,000 miles per set of tires as cams are not adjustable. Paid over $600 to purchase and have installed adjustable cams. Heater (similar to Honda) automatic temp settings must be adjusted to outside temp to work properly. 
Acura  TL   2005  Cathy S. LANGHORNE, PA  08/29/10  1.00 Experienced unexplained sudden acceleration @ 78,000 miles 
Acura  TL   2005  Alison C. JUNCTION CITY, OR  08/05/10  3.00 Like most things about car, but have had issues with the mirrors not moving since purchased and now getting worse. Interior console lights burned out at 90K miles. Believe there's an underlying electrical issue. 
Acura  TL   2005  Enrique S. ,   04/11/10  4.00 The only thing I find wanting in this car is that it has front wheel drive,and for its price it should be RWD. 
Acura  TL   2005  Mike S. ATLANTA, GA  02/26/10  3.00 Water pump needed replaced at 20K miles Poweering Steering issues at 60K mikes..ORings needed replaced 
Acura  TL   2005  Philip D. LODI, NJ  02/07/10  2.00 sterring is very hard to turn or park 
Acura  TL   2005  Lisa N. SAINT PAUL, MN  12/14/09  5.00 I love my 2005 TL. The issue that I have is that the battery constantly has to be recharged. I line in MN and have purchased a new heavy duty battery every year. Every tow truck that gives me a jump tells me that they jump a lot of TLs. There is no recall from Acura but it appears that multiple models have this issue. 
Acura  TL   2005  Dianna C. MEMPHIS, TN  07/26/09  4.00 I don't have a 2005, I have a 2007. It has a lot of ticks and if you're a female it's rather annoying; in that, this car needs to be driven only by men who know the car inside and out. In other words, it's like a race car and has a performance engine and has "issues" that are quite a bit to handle being a female who may not (probably is not) mechanically-inclined. salesmen do not tell u a thing helpful about this beast. however, all in all, it is a nice car. Suspension, however, on 2007 model is a bit tight and therefore bumpy. 2009 tl has been improved in that regard. 
Acura  TL   2005  Victoria M. SPRING, TX  06/15/09  4.00 great 
Acura  TL   2005  Joseph K. CORNISH, ME  05/12/09  4.00 jsut purcahsed ued 34k 5/09 a little cocnerned with(automatic) 5th gear upshift. Shifts around 50mph creates resonence inside vehicle, doesn't like to drop-down until under 45.  
Acura  TL   2005  Tommy J. LOS ANGELES, CA  04/29/09  4.00 It could have been made better with more solid quality reliable components. But overall, better than most cars. 
Acura  TL   2005  Ze V. MINNEAPOLIS, MN  04/23/09  4.00 very nice car except for intermittent hard starting/long cranking before it fires up, happens at least 2 a month. 
Acura  TL   2005  James S. SAINT PAUL, MN  02/05/09  5.00 none 
Acura  TL   2005  Linda A. CARMEL, NY  01/19/09  3.00 I have had tire issues with this car. On my 4th set of tires. 
Acura  TL   2005  Tawanna H. TALLAHASSEE, FL  01/19/09  1.00 I purchased the 05 TL 6 months ago and the motor went out. I was told by the ACURA dealer that one the the compression went out but they were the only one that changed the oil and did the power stering recall and my car went out. 
Acura  TL   2005  Murray S. LITTLE FALLS, NJ  01/10/09  3.00 Battery goes dead if car sits in garage for week. New battery no help. 
Acura  TL   2005  Joel C. SAN ANTONIO, TX  12/10/08  5.00 Love it...have disk problem w/ navi system? 
Acura  TL   2005  Regis T. SAN JOSE, CA  10/04/08  4.00 This car has a clicking noise from the AT. There are rattle from the doors and windows. 
Acura  TL   2005  William F. BENSALEM, PA  10/03/08  3.00 Up until this summme, I had no complaints until a vapor or mist began coming from the air conditioning vents on the driver's side. When I brought the car into the dealership, still under warranty, they said they could not duplicate the problem since it happens intermtitantly. I was also told this could happen on warm humid days, similar to when you open the freezer in your home and the cold air meets the warm air. Within two weeks with the temperature in the low 70's and a 40% humidity, the vapor once again appeared. I made another appointment at the dealership with the same result. It didn't happen there so there was nothing they could do. I was also given and eight year old service bulletin talking about the vapor problem. Their answer, switch from the climate control to recirculate the air inside the car, thus enabling the climate control. Not satisfied with this answer, since I paid for a car with a climate control system that I feel should work properly, I called the Acura Customer Assistance. After being put on hold for a couple of long periods of time and explaining the situation, I was transfered to a so called "case worker" who would follow up on this and try to get it resolved. Well, I had to explain the situation to this person again, who asked, well what would you like us to do? I said, fix the problem. He said he would look into it and get back to me. A couple of dayls later I received a call back and he explained he called the dealership and they said when the car was there they didn't see the problem, and therefore there was nothing further they could do. This so called "case worker" would not agree this was an abnormal function and again I was told to put the system on recirculate. I was so frustrated in talking to this person, I eventually hung up, tired of hearing his rhetoric. I still have the problem, and needless to say I'm not a happy camper and very disenchanted with the Acura Customer Service, expecially when they have acknow 
Acura  TL   2005  Steve L. QUINCY, MI  07/16/08  5.00 Comfortable, great cornering and accelleration, 32-34 mpg. 2nd set of Yokohama 520 wear rated tires worn out in 15,000 miles of fairly gentle driving. Tire wear is excessive for what should be long lasting tires. 
Acura  TL   2005  Knicole E. POMPANO BEACH, FL  06/18/08  4.00 Love mosty everything about my TL, except what can only be described as an annoying rattle from the drivers side window/B Pillar area. 
Acura  TL   2005  Sheila H. COLUMBUS, GA  05/01/08  2.00 BRAKES AND ROTORS NEED REPLACING ALREADY.  
Acura  TL   2005  Greg M. MARCUS HOOK, PA  08/20/07  4.00 Very good car, but a little surprised at the fit/finish inside  
Acura  TL   2005  Terry W. LAWRENCEVILLE, GA  06/30/07  4.00 battery drains way too soon when car driven infrequently. 
Acura  TL   2005  Robert C. ELLICOTT CITY, MD  03/14/07  3.00 Vehicle required a new transmission at 99,000 miles. This is a common problem with Honda and Acura. 
Acura  TL   2005  Paul C. OLNEY, MD  03/04/06  5.00 Love it. No problems. 
Acura  TL   2005  Cindy R. CONCORD, CA  12/12/05  4.00 TL is perfect, would have rated a 5 except for dangerous Teranza tires. No matter how many complaints, Acura continues to put awful tires on new TLs.  
Acura  TL   2005  George  D. Long Beach, CA  10/07/05  5.00 This is a wonderful car, the navigation makes life so much easier for me. I'm constantly pinching myself that I own this car. 
acura  tl   2004  William S. VENTURA, CA  12/09/12  5.00 This is a great car with 110,000 miles. I have replaced tires, oil, and other fluids. Two sets of front brakes, and that is it. 
Acura  TL   2004  CHRISTOPHER C. EDMOND, OK  08/26/10  3.00 I own a 2004 Acura TL. Car is now approximately 6 years young, and has developed TWO unsightly cracks in the factory vinyl dash pad; one small (near the center speaker), and one LARGE! The large crack has developed, it appears, directly on the seam where the front passenger airbag may deploy (I assume because the vinyl material is much thinner here than elsewhere on the dash), and I am afraid this may be a safety issue in allowing the airbag to deploy properly upon frontal impact. This is unacceptable for a six-year-old vehicle, much less a LUXURY vehicle such as this Acura. From what I read online, there are MANY other owners experiencing similar or identical issues with their TL dash, and I believe it should be covered by a recall from Acura. I trust this car to the ends of the earth, but am extremely disappointed with the workmanship and quality of this, my seventh (7th), Honda/Acura vehicle. I might understand a cracked dashboard if the car were 20 years old or more, but not from a vehicle only six years young! 
Acura  TL   2004  Joseph S. NEWPORT, RI  12/02/09  4.00 i had a major problem with a leeking steering rack; it had to be replaced twice. 
Acura  TL   2004  Michael  S. BOCA RATON, FL  04/24/09  3.00 Front end vibration seeming to come from passenger front wheel or drivetrain. Replaced wheels and tires, rebalanced. Problem still exists. Have read similar complaints for this vehicle on line. Acura apparently not admitting to a problem. 
Acura  TL   2004  J. Brent  G. ,   02/12/09  2.00 On a very cold day last Nov. 08, I was attempting to change my CD selection on my Navi display screen and it cracked. I did not break the screen and the Acura Costumer Service has denied my Claim saying I must have hit it. This is not true, we have had seven Honda's over the years and feel we are Dedicated Honda clients and we need this problem solved.  
Acura  TL   2004  Will L. DAVENPORT, FL  02/08/09  4.00 very good I don't have any major issues with it.  
Acura  TL   2004  Jacob B. SHEBOYGAN, WI  02/02/09  3.00 absolute dream to drive, excellent blend of luxury and performance. Fit and finish and quality could definitley be improved 
Acura  TL   2004  Stacey M. PORT WASHINGTON, NY  07/17/08  1.00 Problems from 1 month after getting the car from windows, to tire, shocks, suspension etc. 
Acura  TL   2004  CV D. PEORIA, AZ  05/30/08  4.00 2004 Acura TL 
Acura  TL   2004  Otto G. VANCOUVER, WA  05/08/08  5.00
Acura  TL   2004  Jay S. JANESVILLE, WI  05/08/08  5.00 nn 
Acura  TL   2004  Steve B. ,   05/03/08  n/a Too much interior noise  
Acura  TL   2004  John H. GREEN COVE SPRINGS, FL  05/02/08  4.00 power steering went out at 51,000 miles.  
Acura  TL   2004  Henry C. GERMANTOWN, MD  05/01/08  4.00 2004 TL - Have had very few issues with this vehicle. Very pleased. 
Acura  TL   2004  Greg F. DOUGLASSVILLE, PA  07/28/07  2.00 This is for anyone who experiences the auto transmission shudder during gearshifts, check your battery voltage. I had the same problem for months until i replaced my nearly dead battery. Problem solved no more shudder...Yahoo! 
Acura  TL   2004  Richard M. ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, FL  07/04/07  4.00 It's great car, but there are certainly some pretty serious issues (at least with the 04 model - this has been corrected in later models). 
Acura  TL   2004  Chris G. HEBRON, KY  08/15/04  4.00 Very good mechanically, suspension and drivetrain excellent. Interior is a nice design but poorly executed. 
Acura  TL   2004  Gerald N. KANEOHE, HI  08/13/04  2.00 This is my wife's car with only 50k miles. So far, I've had to repair the passenger window, had the check engine light come on 2 or 3 times and had to replace some sensor, and repair the power seat as the memory seat setting wouldn't work. In the past month, I've had the car towed to the dealer twice because the fuel sensor crapped out and also the starter motor died. And now, her dashboard is starting to crack like so many others I'm reading about. I had a 10 year old Mustang that didn't give me a bit of trouble at all....should have kept it. 
Acura  TL   2004  Dale V. ETOWAH, NC  06/21/04  4.00 Had to replace bridgestone tires at 16,600 miles - not enough tread left to pass inspection. 
Acura  TL   2004  Juan T. CEDAR GROVE, NJ  02/19/04  5.00 Acura got this one right. 
Acura  TL   2003  Julian M. TARZANA, CA  01/25/11  3.00 Having issues with CD Changer and steering wheel controls 
Acura  TL   2003  John F. TOWANDA, KS  12/31/10  3.00 Nice car except for transmission issues. Tranny was replaced by Acura at no charge. So far so good. 
Acura  TL   2003  Jo H. NASHVILLE, TN  11/10/10  1.00 transmission and brakes have problems that Acura won't take care of 
Acura  TL   2003  Anthny B. ATLANTA, GA  09/14/10  3.00 The transmission sucks. 
Acura  TL   2003  Janie C. CANTON, NC  06/08/10  1.00 transmission went out after purchased used and had driven only 2 1/2 months. dealership or corporate not willing to assist in costs at all.Recall for problem with transmission heating second gear.No recalls. Know two people had same trouble with 60 and 70,000+ miles. 
Acura  TL   2003  Lashawn R. SAN JOSE, CA  05/14/10  1.00 This vehicle has had two transmission failures in about a two year spand. The dealership refuses to assist. When I purchased this vehicle I also purchased the extended warranty. The dealership has never mentioned to me that this mechanical failure problem may have called for a recall or even informed me that this could possibly be a safety issue, knowing that I have three children and the dealers should for-warn there customers should they become aware of a safety issue!!! They want the payments but do not care enough for the customers and their families to assist in making sure their customers are safe. What is professional about how the dealerships refusing to assit VALUED CUSTOMERS when in need of help...Well they have got their money and I guess that is all that is important these days. 
Acura  TL   2003  Steve W. KAYSVILLE, UT  02/05/10  4.00 Nice car but the transmission design is flawed causing transmissions to fail early and often. Then Acura tries to deny the extended warrantee they offered for 1999-2003 Acura TL's by telling you that your specific VIN# is not on their list. How convenient for them. 
Acura  TL   2003  Dave J. ,   11/02/09  2.00 expensive repairs 
Acura  TL   2003  Daniel B. CLIFTON, VA  10/23/09  3.00 Transmission needs replaced. 
Acura  TL   2003  Ileana T. STATEN ISLAND, NY  07/28/09  4.00 traini problems 
Acura  TL   2003  Harry B. GLEN MILLS, PA  05/19/09  4.00 It has been a great car but by SRS light came on after six years and just 72,000 miles 
Acura  TL   2003  Bryan S. QUAKERTOWN, PA  05/04/09  1.00 Inverter Box (Ballast died in 06 which costs 500 for the part and 400 for labor. Im on my 3rd transmission in 5 years. 
Acura  TL   2003  Mark K. HONOLULU, HI  03/24/09  5.00 Love this car overall. 
Acura  TL   2003  John P. KENT, OH  02/25/09  3.00 Transmission went at 75K 
Acura  TL   2003  Cyntha S. SOUTH HOLLAND, IL  02/12/09  3.00 airbags deployed - bumped right fender - didn't fully inflate - middle console continously pops up - very annoying - paint pittng -  
Acura  TL   2003  Ben S. ,   01/21/09  3.00 Transmission issues with NO Acura assistance sucks 
Acura  TL   2003  Gail L. NORTHRIDGE, CA  01/07/09  1.00 Problem with faulty, defective ignition switch. Caused rollaway accident injuring our daughter. 
Acura  TL   2003  David S. MC DONALD, TN  11/12/08  4.00 I recently purchased 2003 acura tl with 57K. Great car except I now have transmission problems. A 35,000 car should not have transmission problems at 60K miles. 
Acura  TL   2003  Greg K. URBANA, IL  11/10/08  3.00 Transmission being replaced for free by dealer at 67000 miles, but said engine mounts may need replaced. Is there another issue with motor mounts for Acura vehicles? 
Acura  TL   2003  Ron B. LOVETTSVILLE, VA  10/11/08  3.00 Chronic SRS light with codes 15-1 & 15-3 
Acura  TL   2003  Leigh W. OXFORD, CT  06/05/08  2.00 Transmission just went at 70,000 miles and the extended warranty does not apply to my vin#. Have had the rotors resurfaced numerous times. 
Acura  TL   2003  Aaron G. ,   03/05/08  2.00 2003 Acura TL Type S. Transmission failed after 52,000 miles. I had the vehicle into the dealership three times for various ttransmission shudders, missed shifts and vibrations and was told they couldnt find the problem. When it failed, it was replaced under warranty. They would not tell me if it was replaced with a new unit or a rebuild. The acr has 63,000 miles on it now, so the extended warrantytime limit of seven years will expire before I reach the milage limit. The car itself has been great, but that tranny still bothers me.  
Acura  TL   2003  Max F. LYNNWOOD, WA  10/11/07  1.00 Honda has no clue-transmission failure at less than 10k miles. Front brake rotor warp at less than 10K. Dealer wanted to turn rotors; I threatened to sue if news were not installed. Acura OK'd new rotors. For the money - Lexus is much better quality.  
Acura  TL   2003  John I. Seaside, CA  08/28/05  4.00 Transmission noise, water condensation drivers side headlamp case 
Acura  TL   2003  Vin G. STATEN ISLAND, NY  05/24/03  4.00 tire and transmission problems 
acura  tl   2002  Derek A. VIENNA, VA  06/18/12  4.00 Very comfy car. Not too happy about the recalls on this model though. 
acura  tl   2002  Isaac C. BEVERLY HILLS, CA  03/29/12  1.00 Trans dead 
Acura  TL   2002  Remona W. COLUMBUS, GA  08/09/09  3.00 I love my Acura, but it consumes more gas than, I expected. It is a s-type , not sure if this makes a difference wiht gas mileage. It also skips sometimes and that concerns me. Overall , its a nice car with a nice ride. 
Acura  TL   2002  Gus R. PLANT CITY, FL  08/06/08  2.00 Transmission 
Acura  TL   2002  Chris C. DUSON, LA  05/11/08  0.00 no opinion yet 
Acura  TL   2001  Tom K. ALPHARETTA, GA  07/12/10  1.00 Acura does not back up it's products! Offered me 10% "help" when transmission died after only 86,000 miles! They do not stand behind their products and are engaging in cover up. 
Acura  TL   2001  Jim L. SAINT PAUL, MN  01/19/09  4.00 Generally has been a good vehicle except for transmission going out when out of warranty at at 77K miles. 
Acura  TL   2001  Elaine W. DURAND, IL  01/18/09  3.00 There are many things I love about this car. What I dislike is the cost of repairs, they are considerably more expensive than other cars. I am also starting to discover Honda's reputation for quality and longevity may not apply to all of the major systems on the car. 
Acura  TL   2001  Phuong L. SPRINGFIELD, VA  05/08/08  4.00 need reports about the transmission 
acura  tl   2000  Randall T. SNELLVILLE, GA  11/22/11  2.00 Every thing is good except the bad transmission 
Acura  TL   2000  Hass H. CLINTON, MS  09/10/10  4.00 very good, check out the transmission recall though 
Acura  TL   2000  Dan N. GREENSBORO, NC  05/20/09  3.00 Occasionaly My '00' 3.2 TL will crank and crank but not start. I have it put on a rollback and taken to the shop and it starts. This has happened at least 7 times, I can remember, in the past three years and neither my Acura GURU or the dealership have a clue. 
Acura  TL   2000  Sue V. WAUPUN, WI  01/02/09  3.00 why can't dealer fix the transmission right the first time? 
Acura  TL   2000  Dawn S. BOWIE, MD  07/08/08  2.00 transmission 
Acura  TL   2000  Owens G. MALONE, NY  08/30/07  4.00 good ,reliable,timeless style 
Acura  TL   2000  Carolyn V. VENICE, FL  01/30/05  5.00 DON'T NEED TO BUY ANOTHER ONE BUT WOULD IF NEED BE. THE BEST AUTO I EVER OWNED HANDS DOWN... 5/27/2005-still ticken no problems 60000plus miles 
Acura  TL   2000  John M. CHICAGO, IL  08/28/04  5.00 We've owned our TL since the year 2000 and have had, touch wood, zero problems. It continues to drive like a new car and all components (except original CD/cassette player) have stood the test of time. We are looking at buying another TL when this one gives up the ghost which we don't think will be any time soon. 
acura  tl   1999  Brian B. HARVEY, LA  03/10/13  4.00 ZOLb2o vnmgdbpbkwqd, [url=]unbkbplkudgi[/url], [link=]bhbngbyxmvnw[/link], 
acura  tl   1999  Vito P. ITASCA, IL  12/03/12  3.00 160,000 and running strong. only thing that I had to do was clean out air intake manifold port, which I did myself in an hour. 
Acura  TL   1999  Eugene F. BELLE GLADE, FL  05/20/10  0.00 can not rate 
Acura  TL   1999  James D. READING, PA  06/23/09  1.00 Just replaced automatic transmission at 100,800 miles. 
Acura  TL   1999  Jeanne Q. ,   05/29/09  1.00 Several times when slowing down to stop, engine revs, transmission jumps into gear, car accelerates forward and pressing brake will not stop it. 
Acura  TL   1999  Claude R. ,   04/17/09  2.00 I just purchased this vehicle from the Mason-Dixon Auto Auction on the 15th of April. It crazy, I was in need of a car to get back and forth to work so I went to the auction saw this car being auctioned a place a bid of 2300 and won at 2450.00. The car look nice and I couldn't hear the engine when it passed me. I drove it home and every thing was fine. The Check engine light was on and the manit'req light was on but I didn't notice a problem. I did notice that the radio, heater, deforst didn't work. The next day I take the car to autoznoe to to get the check engine light check. Now, the Check engine light is on the manit'req light and TCS light is on. The guy could not get the computer to read. It said Error. I drove off and notice that the check engine light and the TCS lights had went out or off. After a couple of stops The car would not start and then continue to shut off after it would start. I notice that they had a recall on the contact on the Ignition switch. How can I find out if this vehicle has been to the factory or dealer for recall? 
Acura  TL   1999  Warren M. CHICAGO, IL  12/28/08  4.00 45 
Acura  TL   1999  Milwaukee W. MILWAUKEE, WI  06/04/07  5.00 Eleven years old, and 300,000 miles. Acura TL in great shape. I expect to make 500,000 on this car. 
Acura  TL   1999  Joe L. WOODINVILLE, WA  08/03/06  4.00 Very reliable vehicle. Only complaints are with small vanity issues... -Rearview mirror leaked fluid -'Tape' around window moldings has wrinkled -Had issues with rats chewing on wires with soy based covering  
acura  tl   1998  Randy Y. SELINSGROVE, PA  11/29/11  4.00 still runs great! 
Acura  TL   1998  Mar M. EL CERRITO, CA  03/06/09  3.00 like all my previous Acuras, it leaks oil and the AT seems to wear really hard, subject to problems and failures tho not yet for this one. I've had 2 prior ATs fail on me. 
Acura  TL   1996  Micheal C. MOBILE, AL  06/29/10  0.00 96 Acura Legend, 2.5 engine. Had catalac converter repaired and still having problems. 
Acura  TL   1996  K H. CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA  09/29/09  4.00 2.5 TL very good ride, noisier than expected. 2.5 is a little underpowered. 
Acura  TL   1996  William D. FORSYTH, MO  03/13/09  2.00 egr light keeps coming on 
Acura  TL Type-S   2008  Ian W. LEDGEWOOD, NJ  08/22/10  5.00 3rd gear (on my 6-sp manual) is a little hard to engage at times 
Acura  TL Type-S   2008  Mihai P. SCHAUMBURG, IL  10/14/09  4.00 defective driver side rear speaker  
Acura  TL Type-S   2008  Bobby R. KERNERSVILLE, NC  09/11/09  2.00 Brakes grind as you step on them and ease off, also there is a clicking noise comming from the console everytime the car moves and stops. 
Acura  TL Type-S   2008  Paul H. EUGENE, OR  06/10/08  5.00 this car is a masterpiece of human engineering 
acura  tsx   2010  Alma G. INDIO, CA  06/30/12  4.00 Driver side curtain airbag deployed 
Acura  TSX   2010  Louis B. LAS CRUCES, NM  12/27/10  4.00 rear suspension alignment 
Acura  TSX   2010  Richard M. MADISON, CT  08/16/10  5.00 No complaints as a personal car. Excellent ergonomics - excellent performance. EPA mileage right on for my driving. Superb set of features and capabilities. 
acura  tsx   2009  Marcie H. LIHUE, HI  02/22/12  n/a Front speakers blown easily. 
Acura  TSX   2009  MICHELLE N. AUGUSTA, GA  05/06/11  2.00 Replace breaks every 10k miles 
Acura  TSX   2009  Jeanne W. CYPRESS, TX  02/20/11  3.00 Fuel door won't open unless all doors are unlocked. Brakes wore out at 29,000 miles 
Acura  TSX   2009  Ashleigh P. CRESTWOOD, KY  10/15/10  3.00 The typical brake issues, poor customer service at service center of dealership. Acura not up front with the brake recall.... The car is nice overall but not of highest quality in materials it seems. 
Acura  TSX   2009  Susan M. BOCA RATON, FL  06/09/10  1.00 Side molding repeatedly comes off. A/C system does not cool effectively, takes excessive time to cool in hot weather, brakes feel as if they do not "catch" and recently found out there is a class action against manufacturer for bad brake pads, door locks fail & not operate properly 
Acura  TSX   2009  John K. EL MONTE, CA  02/27/10  4.00 great on gas, comfortable, and luxurious. but has braking issues 
Acura  TSX   2009  Michael B. BETHESDA, MD  01/30/10  5.00 Very few problems; generally quite satisfied. Driver's safety belt does not always recoil properly after being removed.  
Acura  TSX   2009  Robyn W. ARLINGTON, TX  08/14/09  5.00 Mysterious clicking noise and feeling in front of car. 
Acura  TSX   2009  Rose M. WILSON, NC  07/05/09  3.00 I have an 09 Acura TSX with only 8,000 miles on it and the engine pings. Took to the dealer twice and they said it is "Normal" for the 09 Acura TSX. 
Acura  TSX   2009  Virginia S. WEST GROVE, PA  06/24/09  3.00 valves pinging/engine knocks - even using 93 grade fuel. 
Acura  TSX   2009  Eric H. MALIBU, CA  06/04/09  0.00 manual transmission - clutch - out in under 11,000 miles. I saw a service bulletin on 2009 manuals from acura, that the plate can explode during accidental downshifts. trying to see if anyone else has experienced 
Acura  TSX   2008  Scott N. OMAHA, NE  12/15/08  3.00 2008 Acura TSX - have had it in for service four times for wind noise on the drivers side window. The seal has been replaced twice. The last time they just slapped some rubber tratment on the seal and claimed it was just dirty. The problem still exists on even moderately windy days. Very disapointing for a near luxery car. 
Acura  TSX   2008  N T. NAPERVILLE, IL  12/02/08  3.00 Deqd battery problems after standing 2 weeks 
Acura  TSX   2008  Ben S. NOKESVILLE, VA  03/10/08  5.00 No problems. No worries. Great dependable ride! 
Acura  TSX   2007  Adolph M. SPRING, TX  11/11/09  4.00 at 52k miles power steering pump developed noise, had to be replaced 
Acura  TSX   2007  Jaime  F. EDGEWATER, NJ  05/02/09  4.00 Quick wearing of brakes and rotors 
acura  tsx   2006  Marcy I. MINNEAPOLIS, MN  03/25/12  5.00 Poor handling in winter conditions, low to the ground, gets stuck in the snow 
Acura  TSX   2006  Steve M. ,   08/09/11  5.00 Best car I have owned 
Acura  TSX   2006  Ryan C. PORTLAND, OR  10/07/10  4.00 Lousy dealer service in Portland 
Acura  TSX   2006  Robert R. VIRGINIA BEACH, VA  05/08/10  5.00 Great Car. I have driven new TSX's and TL's as loaners. There are a few features on the newer cars that are nice. The backup camera and tire pressure monitors. Otherwise the 06 TSX seems like the best TSX overall. 
Acura  TSX   2006  Lisa C. NEW ORLEANS, LA  03/05/10  3.00 Electrical problems, alignment problems, steering noise, window noise  
Acura  TSX   2006  Guy D. ,   06/15/09  5.00 no problems with this TSX or any other Acura 
Acura  TSX   2006  John  B. STRATFORD, CT  05/15/09  3.00 Electric window problem. Window went down and wouldn't go up. They would not repair it because we put in a remote starter aftermarket. 
Acura  TSX   2006  Daniel F. MONROVIA, CA  06/04/08  4.00 Battery failed after two years, break pads replaced at 20,000 front break judder 
Acura  TSX   2006  Tom S. LOS ANGELES, CA  06/04/08  2.00 Rear brakes replaced at 18000 miles. Dealer won't cover under warranty 
Acura  TSX   2006  Earl A. MAHWAH, NJ  02/09/06  5.00 Great balance of luxury, sportiness, and economy. 
Acura  TSX   2006  J. A. P. CARROLLTON, TX  02/06/06  4.00 I've had several issues with this vehicle; a squeaky driver's seat, chattering windshield wiper and steering column that made noise when turning. I took it back to the dealership where I bought the vehicle on numerous occasions and everything has finally been repaired. It's been great a great car & I've received numerous compliments. 
Acura  TSX   2006  Don  C. WAIPAHU, HI  12/23/05  4.00 Beautiful car, but quality control is a disappointment...CD changer and buzzing noise from dash/window frame. 
acura  tsx   2005  S W. HARRISBURG, PA  08/03/12  2.00 Car rides and handles well, but has had numerous quality problems including broken power locks, air conditioner compressor, high oil usage - all at less than 90K miles 
acura  tsx   2005  Margaret C. MORRISVILLE, NC  08/11/11  4.00 Personally, I love this car. I love the way it handles, I love the way I fit in the car, I much prefer this car over the 2011 model. Oh .. I have a 2005 TSX. MY COMPLAINT IS THE "CHECK ENGINE LIGHT" ... code 499 Evap something or other which has to do with the emissions. I've had a part replaced and check engine light keeps on coming on. According to the dealership, there are no leaks. I cannot PASS inspection with this light on. Totally frustrated!! 
Acura  TSX   2005  Henry S. DESTREHAN, LA  12/31/10  3.00 The car has 106,000 miles and is running well. However, I have had to replace the passenger inside door handle, both passenger and driver side window motors, and currently the driver reclining motor is out. The AC makes a strnge noise that no has figured out either. 
Acura  TSX   2005  Seth M. ORANGE PARK, FL  05/12/09  5.00 This is my second Acura and I am not disapointed! The TSX combines sport and luxury into a decent sized economical package. The iVtec4 provides wonderful performance while averaging 23 mpg CITY. It's luxury appointments make travelling comfortable and lavish. Overall, the TSX is worth the money that I paid for it and then some. 
Acura  TSX   2005  C. D. OLYMPIA, WA  09/06/08  4.00 Have never liked brakes or clutch since the day I drove it off the lot. Brakes and clutch both "work", but not well/properly. Also, really do not like the huge blind spots created by the roof corner support posts and really do not like the gap between the seat and center console, once you drop something down there you absolutely cannot retrieve it without completely stopping the car and moving the seat. 
Acura  TSX   2005  Paul H. , AE  11/28/06  2.00 The driver seat is unconfortable Have had trouble with the rear suspension Have had an oil burning problem form the get go. Am now having my engine rebuilt at 21,000 km. Honda would not replace the engine 
Acura  TSX   2005  Jerry K. LYNNWOOD, WA  11/03/05  5.00 Except for some rattles and noises that have since been repaired this is a solid car. 
acura  tsx   2004  Mike  S. EAST ROCKAWAY, NY  12/15/12  2.00 having problem with a/c controls,power mirror n hested seats 
acura  tsx   2004  Larry G. MONROE TOWNSHIP, NJ  12/28/11  5.00 122K miles, losing coolant. No heat. But no sign of loss. Mine since 2006 with 28K miles 
Acura  TSX   2004  Joe S. ,   03/05/11  1.00 Acura/Honda epic fail with epic styling. Only owned Acura/Honda; worse I've owned in regards to annoying problems and major safety concerns. Seat belt switch faulty causing de-activation of front air bags. Blower motor going out, ac system replaced, motors going out on disc changer, seal leaking near half shaft, pillow mount for shock seperates, driver door lock going out, oem brake rotors warp quickly, power steering line leaks overtime (this one is a recall) 
Acura  TSX   2004  Mark S. MILWAUKEE, WI  11/07/09  3.00 engine started burning large amounts of oil at 80000 miles 
Acura  TSX   2004  Jim L. EASTHAMPTON, MA  09/12/09  3.00 Just bought it with 31K on it and THEN noticed the cd player won't load cd's and the center console lights are out! 
Acura  TSX   2004  James W. OWENS CROSS ROADS, AL  06/04/09  4.00 I am hearing tha there are problems popping up with the air conditioner compressor failing. Mine just did yesterday after only 77K miles. What is the deal? 
Acura  TSX   2004  Brian  J. ,   04/28/09  4.00 Right camber out of spec 
Acura  TSX   2004  Harry M. LANDENBERG, PA  04/26/09  3.00 Overall a nice car and a great value for the money. However, the quality of the paint is terrible. I purchased this model in Milano Red, and there must be something wrong with it. It chips off very easily. I have 60K on the car, and it looks like the hood had been sandblasted. I have a 1997 2.2CL with 200K, and the paint still looks new. I am very disappointed with the quality of this paint, and the dealer noted it, but never got back to me after several follow up calls. Honda/Acura quality and customer care is slipping. 
Acura  TSX   2004  Richard B. SILVER SPRING, MD  01/25/09  3.00 timing chain 
Acura  TSX   2004  Damon A. FORT WORTH, TX  01/17/09  4.00 The car has a very "nervous" disposition. It wants to be driven fast. It is a very sporty drive. This isn't really a complaint. 
Acura  TSX   2004  Holly B. EVERETT, WA  01/14/09  0.00 clicking ot the clutch. will start but will sputter and die if rpm's aren't kept up. 
Acura  TSX   2004  Travis M. HIGHLAND, CA  09/04/08  3.00 We have the manuel transmission in this car and have had several odd problems pop up. there is only 54000 miles on the car and have already had to have the trans rebuilt do to a synchro coming apart in 3rd gear and now the rear case is cracked on the trans. Took the car back to the tranny shop that did th rebuild about a year agoe do to it starting to leak fluid and that is what he found. 
Acura  TSX   2004  B R. ,   07/20/08  2.00 engine is using 4liters of oil every 5,000 km. total km on engine 60,000. 
Acura  TSX   2004  Julia  M. ALLEGANY, NY  05/28/08  4.00 Radio, clock, and heater lights are all out. 
Acura  TSX   2004  Tigran M. MORRISVILLE, NC  05/02/08  0.00 TSX 
Acura  TSX   2004  Olivia A. HORSHAM, PA  12/02/07  2.00 I loved my 2004 tsx i miss my car alot but when my clutch and fly wheel went at 36,000 miles and the dealership had it a week prior and told me that nothing was wrong except it needs a flush $106.00 later it changed alot. the clutch cost me $1500.00 less than 2 weeks b4 x mas. I traded it in 4 a 08 accord so i stayed with honda but I just didnt trust my tsx! More sporty than my accord but my accords less touchy 
Acura  TSX   2004  Ken R. LILBURN, GA  11/21/07  5.00 I am having trouble with the DVD using the touch screen navigation. It has started to go on and off at different times almost like it is re-booting itself. Two dealers don't know what is causing this and are giving me two different answers. It concerns me because this controls everything in the car. If anyone knows, please email me 

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