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 Total Car Recalls on file: 18,785
 Car Reports Updated on 9/18/2012 5:48:59 AM

About Car Recalls, Truck Recalls and Car Reports

If an auto manufacturer is found to be responsible for a serious safety or mechanical defect, an Car Recall or truck recall is issued by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). An Car Recall requires the manufacturer to send an official notice to owners of the vehicles found to be defective. More often than not, only a portion of the production run of a certain make, model, and year vehicle is affected by an Car Recall. Tips on Free Car Reports for New and Used Cars

The National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is responsible for investigating possible automotive design and manufacturing defects.  Often consumers file a complaint to NHTSA. And after several people file a complaint about the same mechanical or safety related problem, NHTSA will investigate the issue to determine whether the consumer or the manufacturer is at fault. File your own Consumer Complaint about a car.

To determine if the Car Recalls shown by myCarStats apply to your specific car, call the manufacturer's consumer affairs toll free number. Have your car's VIN (vehicle identification number) ready to give them when you call.

Scoreboards for Auto Recall by Car Manufacturer
Qty   Car Manufacturer Select Scoreboard Qty   Car Manufacturer Select Scoreboard
235  Acura Recall   Year  Model  Car Buzz  Alfa Romeo Recall   Year  Model  Car Buzz 
41  Aston Martin Recall   Year  Model  Car Buzz  265  Audi Recall   Year  Model  Car Buzz 
208   Bentley Recall    Year  Model  Car Buzz  917  BMW Recall   Year  Model  Car Buzz 
307  Buick Recall   Year  Model  Car Buzz  272   Cadillac Recall    Year  Model  Car Buzz 
1,969   Chevrolet Recall    Year  Model  Car Buzz  551   Chrysler Recall    Year  Model  Car Buzz 
60  Daewoo Recall   Year  Model  Car Buzz   Daihatsu Recall    Year  Model  Car Buzz 
Demo Recall   Year  Model  Car Buzz  1,341  Dodge Recall   Year  Model  Car Buzz 
71  Eagle Recall   Year  Model  Car Buzz  120   Ferrari Recall    Year  Model  Car Buzz 
Fiat Recall   Year  Model  Car Buzz  2,900  Ford Recall   Year  Model  Car Buzz 
40  Geo Recall   Year  Model  Car Buzz  930  GMC Recall   Year  Model  Car Buzz 
782  Honda Recall   Year  Model  Car Buzz  35   Hummer Recall    Year  Model  Car Buzz 
269   Hyundai Recall    Year  Model  Car Buzz  174   Infiniti Recall    Year  Model  Car Buzz 
144  Isuzu Recall   Year  Model  Car Buzz  151  Jaguar Recall   Year  Model  Car Buzz 
501  Jeep Recall   Year  Model  Car Buzz  124  Kia Recall   Year  Model  Car Buzz 
16   Lamborghini Recall    Year  Model  Car Buzz  151  Land Rover Recall   Year  Model  Car Buzz 
206  Lexus Recall   Year  Model  Car Buzz  182   Lincoln Recall    Year  Model  Car Buzz 
341  Mazda Recall   Year  Model  Car Buzz  388   Mercedes-Benz Recall    Year  Model  Car Buzz 
342   Mercury Recall    Year  Model  Car Buzz  42  MINI Recall   Year  Model  Car Buzz 
438   Mitsubishi Recall    Year  Model  Car Buzz  650  Nissan Recall   Year  Model  Car Buzz 
286   Oldsmobile Recall    Year  Model  Car Buzz  10   Peugeot Recall    Year  Model  Car Buzz 
295   Plymouth Recall    Year  Model  Car Buzz  426   Pontiac Recall    Year  Model  Car Buzz 
178   Porsche Recall    Year  Model  Car Buzz  Rolls Royce Recall   Year  Model  Car Buzz 
109  Saab Recall   Year  Model  Car Buzz  200  Saturn Recall   Year  Model  Car Buzz 
Smart Recall   Year  Model  Car Buzz  219  Subaru Recall   Year  Model  Car Buzz 
134  Suzuki Recall   Year  Model  Car Buzz  920  Toyota Recall   Year  Model  Car Buzz 
395   Volkswagen Recall    Year  Model  Car Buzz  426  Volvo Recall   Year  Model  Car Buzz 

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