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--- Current Consumer Car Reports On File ---
Auto Recalls: 18,785 Consumer Complaints: 623,791
Investigations: 18,760 Service Bulletins: 264,197

Auto Recall Scoreboards listed by Make of Car

Click on a Car Make to see its Auto Recall Scoreboard Results by Model Year
 Acura Recall     Alfa Romeo Recall     Aston Martin Recall     Audi Recall     Bentley Recall   
BMW Recall  Buick Recall     Cadillac Recall     Chevrolet Recall     Chrysler Recall   
 Daewoo Recall     Daihatsu Recall     Dodge Recall     Eagle Recall     Ferrari Recall   
 Fiat Recall     Ford Recall    Geo Recall GMC Recall  Honda Recall   
 Hummer Recall     Hyundai Recall     Infiniti Recall     Isuzu Recall     Jaguar Recall   
 Jeep Recall    Kia Recall  Lamborghini Recall     Land Rover Recall     Lexus Recall   
 Lincoln Recall     Mazda Recall     Mercedes-Benz Recall     Mercury Recall    MINI Recall
 Mitsubishi Recall     Nissan Recall     Oldsmobile Recall     Peugeot Recall     Plymouth Recall   
 Pontiac Recall     Porsche Recall     Rolls Royce Recall     Saab Recall     Saturn Recall   
 Smart Recall     Subaru Recall     Suzuki Recall     Toyota Recall     Volkswagen Recall   
 Volvo Recall   

 Other Consumer Car Report Scoreboards

 Auto Recall Main Scoreboard Listing for All Makes
 Service Bulletins Main Scoreboard Listing for All Makes
 Consumer Complaint Main Scoreboard Listing for All Makes
 Car Buzz Scoreboard Top 10 Makes as of 9/18/2012 5:48:59 AM

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